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29 Squarespace Shop Examples – Artists using Squarespace Ecommerce

29 Squarespace Shop Examples – Artists using Squarespace Ecommerce

I’ll be showing some of the best examples of artists, and illustrators using Squarespace for their online shops. Stunning shop layout and designs, mixed with wonderful creative products for sale. Get inspired by these artist’s shops and see what you can do with Squarespace eCommerce.


This guide contains affiliate links to Squarespace.

squarespace shop examples

Grace Taylor's Squarespace shop

Artist and illustrator Grace Taylor are based in Melbourne, Australia. Her gouache & watercolor creations are filled with detailed hand-drawn pieces from nature and its inhabitants.

On her website, she sells her art as print and cards using Squarespace e-commerce.

Grace Taylor's Shop

Lynn Scurfield Online Store

Illustrator Lynn Scurfield is based in Toronto, Canada, and her online shop is next. Lynn creates atmospherical scenes in her illustrations using color and shapes in a fantastic way.

In her online store, she turned some of her art into Giclee Prints available to be purchased.

Lynn Scurfield Store

Lucy Comer Illustration Shop

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based illustrator Lucy Comer has an online store over on her website where she sells her illustrations and portraits as art prints and zines. Her art style is playful, flowy, and always has interesting color choices. It’s a great example of a portfolio and online store seamlessly integrated.

Lucy Comer shop

Dave Bain Squarespace Store

Freelance & commercial illustrator, Dave Bain based in Bristol, UK is next up with his online store where he sells his illustrations as large art prints. The shop has a simple design that lets Dave’s art take the spotlight with large images and minimal distractions.

Dave Bain Squarespace shop

Illustrator David J. McMillan shop

Illustrator David J. McMillan based in Bristol, England has a playful motion filled art style that I really adore. He has a tiny shop located on his portfolio site where he sells risograph printed zines and art prints.

This is a great example how Squarespace is good choice for artists who want to easily maintain a smaller shop with only a few items for sale.

David J. McMillan Shop

Sam Kalda Squarespace store

Illustrator Sam Kalda is next on our list. Sam has a lovely online portfolio showing his work, a lot of illustration for editorial and adverting projects to have a peek at.

Sam Kalda’s online shop has print and posters with his illustrations, I especially adore his architectural drawings that makes for great art prints.

Sam Kalda Shop

Brooke Smart Shop

Brooke Smart from Utha, USA is our next illustrator on the list. Brooke works in a lot of traditional media like gouache and watercolor to create her expressive and lovely illustrations. Her work is featured in everything from editorial work to children’s books, and if you’d like to snag a piece of her art yourself her shop is a perfect spot to visit.

In Brooke Smart’s online shop you’ll find art prints, original art, and a few stickers among many things. I especially love her art print series about her life as a mother, the prints feature tiny magic moments from the day-to-day as a parent.

Brooke Smart Shop

Ellen Surrey Online store

Illustrator and designer Ellen Surrey from Los Angeles is our next online shop to take a look at.

I always love online shops like this one, where there’s so much variety of products to browse through, there’s original art, prints, books and a bunch of beautiful things made by Ellen Surrey, the shop is a treat to explore.

Ellen uses Squarespace for her portfolio as well as online shop, it’s a fantastic website that’s clearly crafted with care, it has a layout that lets Ellen’s art work really shine and take the spotlight.

Ellen Surrey Online Store

Marie Boiseau's Art print Shop

Illustrator Marie Boiseau creates beautiful works of art featuring women in bright happy colors made with gouache. Her shop is a lovely spot to browse through her many prints, I really love her cheerful women portraits.

Marie Boiseau's Shop

Charli Vince Illustration shop

Next, we have UK illustrator Charli Vince and her charming sticker and prints shop. Overall this is such a fun online shop to browse through just because the inventory is genuinely massive, everything made in Charli Vince’s detailed and magical art style!

My favorite item in her shop is the Custom Portrait that you can order from Charli, drawn in her cute style, as a perfect gift, or for yourself.

Charli Vince Illustration shop

Al Polston Squarespace Store

Next up we have an artist that I enjoy tremendously and have featured before here on Creativehowl, it’s artist Al Polston based in Austin, Texas, USA. I really recommend a visit to Al Polston’s Squarespace shop and portfolio and check out her amazing art and maybe grab a print if you love what you’re seeing.

Al Polston's Store

Owen Gent Giclée Print Shop

Owen Gent is an incredible artist and illustrator based in Bristol, England. With excellent use of light and shapes, Owen creates stunning scenarios and landscape that makes your imagination get going.

If you enjoy his work you can stop by the print shop and browse through Owen’s many art prints that are available. All prints in Owen Gent’s shop are signed and limited edition (of 20) printed on quality fine art paper (320 gsm)

Owen Gent Giclée Print Shop

Johanna Springer Squarespace store

Illustrator Johanna Springer based in Germany has an amazing website and shop build with Squarespace. The design and layout blend so well with her artwork and it’s defiantly one of my favorite websites on this list.

I absolutely adore Johanna’s art style where she plays with light and color in the most impressive way. Grab a print, sticker, or one of her zine/ebooks if you enjoy what she’s doing.

Johanna Springer store

Ashley Nicole DeLeon Online Shop

Another regularly featured artist on Creativehowl is next up, Ashley Nicole DeLeon based in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

This is a great example of a shop where you can see its creator having fun with it, browsing Ashley’s shop is a real delight to dig through, with a fun variety of different items.

Ashley Nicole DeLeon

Lara Hawthorne Print Shop

Bristol, UK-based illustrator Lara Hawthorne has an online shop filled with wonderful prints of hers. There’s so much to choose from in her catalog of prints, quirky animals, and mystical scenery and landscapes.

It’s a Squarespace shop with a minimal design that lets the artwork take the front row without any clutter.

Lara Hawthorne Print Shop

Toma Vagner Online Store

Next, we have an online shop that takes bold design choices that suits the art just perfectly. Here we have Artist & Illustrator Toma Vagner’s online shop that with simple design means, like the black background and matching details creates a dramatic atmosphere, it’s defiantly one of my favorite shop designs on the list.

The website and portfolio overall are a perfect example of the layout and design matching its artwork flawlessly.

Toma Vagner Online Store

Benjamin Flouw Print Shop

French author and artist Benjamin Flouw’s online shop is next in our spotlight. Benjamin makes art inspired by wildlife and nature, using soothing color palettes to create atmospheric landscapes and scenarios from nature.

In the shop, you’ll find a handful of his artwork available for purchase as Giclée prints on 350 gsm paper.

Benjamin Flouw Print Shop

Kim Sielbeck Online Store

Illustrator, painter, and surface designer Kim Sielbeck’s online store is next on our list of great Squarespace shops. With a great layout and fantastic variety of products, this shop is a blast to look through. Kim’s expressive style and energetic color choices make her whole shop and portfolio so fun.

Kim Sielbeck Online Store

Ailsa Johnson Online Shop

So far we talked about mostly shops that sell art prints and a few stationery items here and there, but now with our next shop by Illustrator Ailsa Johnson, we’re looking at a Squarespace online shop that sells fabulous jackets and t-shirts with illustrative motives in Ailsa’s delightful style. These are thrifted clothing printed with vinyl prints.

Ailsa Johnson's Shop

Eleonora Arosio Squarespace Shop

Italian illustrator Eleonora Arosio has such an outstanding art style in her illustrations, she creates bright, fun, and happy artwork that shines with positivity and love. Her online store is packed with products and prints, so if you appreciate Eleonora’s work you won’t be disappointed.

Eleonora Arosio Squarespace Shop

Nicholas Matej Print Store

Illustrator based in Cleveland, USA Nicholas Matej has a stylish shop worth having a look at. Nicholas’s work has simple lines and geometric shapes that create lovely balanced works.

The shop has a simple layout and plenty to choose from for anyone looking to spend their money on Nicholas Matej’s artwork.

Nicholas Matej Print Store

Illustrator Sarah Bolton shop

Next, we have illustrator Sarah Bolton’s cute shop to look at. Here’s another creative playground of an online shop with so much to choose from and everything in Sarah’s adorable art style. Her egg cloud tote bags are my absolute favorite of hers.

Sarah Bolton-s Shop

Evie May Adams Online Store

Illustrator, designer, and ceramic artist Evie May Adams has one of the most beautiful Squarespace shops and portfolios on this whole list. I love everything about the design of it, the layout, the color choices, and how well it works together with her art and illustrations. It just comes to show how great something can look with very little means.

The shop itself has everything from ceramics, prints, stickers, and other nicknacks, stuff so pretty my head hurts.

Evie May Adams Store

Helena Perez Garcia's Online Shop

Spanish illustrator Helena Perez Garcia’s colorful and detailed illustrations are fascinating to look at, with surrealistic and dreamlike scenarios and themes. Helena runs a huge online shop with Squarespace, with well over 100 products for sale (as of writing). It’s no small feat for a single artist to create art for and operate such a splendid store.

Helena Perez Garcia Shop

Pam Wishbow Online Shop

Illustrator Pam Wishbow living in Seattle, USA makes everything from jewelry, oracle cards, and illustrative work. Her illustration work is expressive and fun, always detailed and with an underlining narrative taking place, and often filled with symbols and mysticism.

This shop has beautiful items for sale, and I adore the product pictures, you can really tell thought and love went into crafting this online shop and all its items.

Pam Wishbow's Shop

Mark Hoffmann's Online Shop

Zürich, Switzerland based illustrator Isabelle Follath and her portfolio is next up. The portfolio is great mixture of different illustration work but my favourite of Isabelle’s work is her children’s illustrations, which is a large part of the work she shows. Lovely hand-drawn drawings that sparks a lot of joy and happiness with its creativity.

Mark Hoffmann Shop

Hannah Bess Ross Shop

Canadian illustrator, Isabella Fassler’s portfolio has its own section for Isabella’s sketches, where she shares a lot of her sketches, which is such a fun and generous thing to do and something more illustrator really should do!

Also, her hand-drawn header is something I absolutely adore, it’s the perfect crown on top of this portfolio and all its work.

Hannah Bess Ross Shop

Mark Conlan's Shop

Mark Conlan is an Irish illustration artist making these dreamlike and whimsical illustrations with limited color palettes, often with very expressive movement in his characters. His shop uses Squarespace and is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark Conlan Shop

Vivian Shih Squarespace Shop

Last but not least on our list we have Asian-American artist Vivian Shih. A fun smaller shop with patches, stickers, and prints with Vivian’s art. Stunning portraits of women with a dash of surrealism and bare emotions.

Vivian Shih Shop

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