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Exploring 32 Stunning Artist Shopify Shops: Inspiring Examples

Exploring 32 Stunning Artist Shopify Shops: Inspiring Examples

In our next blog post, we’ll showcase 32 outstanding Shopify art stores, where artists use Shopify to run their creative businesses selling Art prints, Fine art, Ceramics, and so much more.

Whether you’re curious about selling art on Shopify or looking for Shopify examples from artists using Shopify, you have come to the right place. Join us as we explore these online artist shops and draw inspiration from their incredible work!

Kate Blairstone Shopify Shop

Pattern designer Kate Blairstone from Portland, Oregon creates beautiful custom wallpapers for clients. In her shop, she sells Gift Wrap, Tableware, Wallpaper, Fabrics, and Fine Art Prints featuring her designs. Her catalog is quite extensive and a treat to browse through.

The shop itself has a gorgeous design with creative thumbnails and a layout that matches Kate’s imaginative art style.

Botanica Paper Co. by Oana Befort

The next Shopify shop is called Botanica Paper Co., and it’s run by Oana Befort, an illustrator and graphic artist from Romania. At Botanica Paper Co., you can discover beautiful floral greeting cards and stationery items. It’s a charming store that uses high-quality product photos to create a fantastic first impression on its customers.

Botanica Paper Co.

Lucrecia Caporale Art Print Shopify

Artist Lucrecia Caporale’s print shop is next on our list. Here you can find Lucrecia’s timeless botanical art prints and greeting cards. A clean and simple shop that lets the art prints take the spotlight, a perfect example what you can do with Shopify as your e-commerce platform.

Lucrecia Caporale

Bea Baranowska Illustration Shop

Gorgeous stationery, prints, and homewares by illustrator Bea Baranowska are what we’ll find in our next Shopify shop. Bea’s inventory is enormous and varied making it a real treat exploring. The shop strikes a balance of professionalism and showing Bea’s unique art style throughout the shop’s design and layout.

Bea Baranowska Illustration

6 Advantages of Shopify for Your Creative Business

  1. Multiple payment options and low transaction fees.
  2. An app store with 1,200+ apps & tools to streamline your business.
  3. Shopify offers great support for Marketing & SEO with tools & apps.
  4. It’s fully hosted & secure on the Shopify platform
  5. Shopify is user-friendly with a drag-and-drop tool.
  6. 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and hotlines.
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Sarah Gesek Studio

The next stop on our list is the shop of US artist and illustrator Sarah Gesek. Sarah offers vibrant and colorful landscape paintings available as high-quality art prints, and you can also find some original gouache and acrylic paintings here.

Sarah Gesek Studio

I Love Doodle by Lim Heng Swee

I Love Doodle is the art print shop of illustrator Lim Heng Swee. The shop features a delightful collection of clean illustrations showcasing adorable cats and plants.

I Love Doodle

Nellie Le Illustration

Nellie Le, an artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, runs an adorable Shopify shop where she offers prints, pins, stickers, greeting cards, and occasional original artwork. Nellie’s art style is irresistibly cute, and everything she creates exudes sheer adorableness.

Nellie Le Illustration


YUK FUN, a UK-based independent illustration and graphic label, offers clothing, accessories, stationery, and art. They serve as an excellent illustration of a professional creative business that has effectively utilized Shopify to expand their operations over time. Browsing through YUK FUN is an absolute delight, with their imaginative products and vibrant art.


Kristina Micotti Shopify Shop

Meet Kristina Micotti, an illustrator from San Francisco. She has an exciting shop filled with cool things like hats, sweatshirts, stickers, pins, and much more. Her shop is bursting with creativity and fun!

Kristina Micotti Shop

Sunny Beast Shop by Natasha Durley

Sunny Beast: the place for artwork and illustrated items by UK illustrator Natasha Durley. Explore Natasha’s art prints and greeting cards for sale, all inspired by nature and its wonderful creatures.

Sunny Beast Shop

Natalie Cass Shopify Shop

Illustrator Natalie Cass creates joyful and vibrant art prints that can add a pop of color to any room. In her online store, you’ll discover a wide catalog of art prints available for purchase. Her Shopify shop is clean, simple, and designed to offer a great user experience to its visitors.

Natalie Cass Art

Miamouz Shopify Shop

Next up is the delightful artist shop called Miamouz, powered by Shopify. Here, you can explore their charming collection of illustrated items, including pins, washi tapes, tote bags, magnets, stationery, and much more.

Miamouz Shop

JS Ceramics

JS Ceramics, a shop located in New Zealand, creates and sells a variety of ceramic items, such as planters, vases, mugs, bowls, and more. They make everything by hand in small batches using a slip-casting production method. Their website is an impressive example of Shopify, featuring high-quality photos and a clean layout to leave a strong first impression.

JS Ceramics Shop

Kate Aspen Print & Sticker Shop

Kate Aspen, an illustrator from the UK, creates beautiful drawings and gouache paintings that exude a warm and cozy vibe. Her shop is brimming with her unique creations, including stickers, prints, and cards, all showcasing Kate’s distinctive artistic style.

Kate Aspen Shop

Gigi L Illustration Shop

We’re moving on to the art print shop of Gigi L, a freelance illustrator based in the UK. Gigi specializes in creating intricate digital illustrations with a nerdy flair. While her Shopify shop may be small in size, it serves as a perfect example of how the Shopify platform caters to artists, regardless of their size.

Gigi L Shop

Jillian Nichole illustration

Jillian Nichole, a surface pattern designer from the USA, uses the Shopify platform to showcase and sell her designs. In her shop, you can find notebooks and phone cases featuring Jillian’s exquisite floral patterns.

Jillian Nichole Shop

Peachie Pie Designs

Peachie Pie is a shop that specializes in making personalized and commissioned illustration items. They create things like family portrait drawings, wedding illustrations, and prints with custom text. It’s easy to see that Peachie Pie has found their unique place in the market, and there is a big demand for these special custom gifts.

Peachie Pie Designs

Alice Joanie illustration Shop

The next shop on our list is Alice Joanie, who is an illustrator and designer from the UK. In this cheerful and colorful shop, you’ll discover a variety of illustrated items such as greeting cards and art prints created by Alice.

Alice Joanie Shop

Kay Vincent illustration Shopify Shop

Illustrator Kay Vincent focuses on creating personalized nursery art and prints. In Kay’s expressive and adorable artistic style, she crafts art that radiates positivity and features vibrant, fun color choices. Her collection of educational prints is a must-see, featuring animals from all around the world.

Kay Vincent Shop

Katnipp Studio Shopify Shop

Katnipp Studio, run by Catherine Kay, is a delightful and vibrant online store. Despite being a small business, Catherine and her team operate an impressive shop with a wide range of items for customers to pick from, all featuring Catherine Kay’s adorable art style.

Katnipp Studio Shop

Shopify Pricing Examples

  • $39/month
  • Online European credit card rates – 1,6 % + $0.17
  • Online International/Amex credit card rates 3,1 % + $0.17

Prices may vary by your store location.

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Studio Blue Illustration

Next up is Studio Blue Illustration, an artist’s Shopify shop based in New Zealand. They offer stylish art prints and collages in vibrant colors, and you can choose from A2 and A3 sizes.

Studio Blue Illustration

Illustrations by Majali

Our next Shopify shop for inspiration is by Swedish illustrator and artist Maja Lindberg. Maja creates dreamy and intricate illustrations that let your imagination run wild. In her wide range of art prints, you’ll find plenty of beautiful artwork that would look great on any wall.

Illustrations by Majali

Maria Galybina Pattern Shop

In the shop of Lithuanian designer Maria Galybina, you can discover seamless pattern designs available for licensing and purchase. Maria provides a convenient and straightforward option for businesses in need of pattern designs to acquire them from her shop.

Maria Galybina Shop

Katrina Berg Fine Art Shop

Artist Katrina Berg offers beautiful giclée prints of her artwork and also sells original oil paintings in her shop. Shopify is an ideal platform for artists selling higher-priced paintings like these due to its low transaction fees.

Katrina Berg Shop

Sarah Migliaccio Art Shop

Sarah Migliaccio is another artist who sells art prints and original artwork in her Shopify shop. Sarah’s art is inspired by nature, birds, and the bold, interesting colors found in the natural world.

Sarah Migliaccio Shop

Ferme à Papier by Cat Seto

Cat Seto is an artist based in San Francisco and the founder of Ferme à Papier, a shop that specializes in greeting cards and art prints. Cat also provides her products at wholesale for potential customers.

Ferme à Papier Shop

The Little Forest Ceramic Shop

The Little Forest Ceramic Shop features delightful, handcrafted ceramic goods created by San Francisco-based artists Jasmine & Brandon. They offer adorable handmade mugs, ring holders, and kitchenware. This is another great example of why Shopify and it’s low fees is a smart choice for artists, especially when you’re selling higher-priced products that require significant time to create.

The Little Forest Ceramic Shop

Ryan Berkley Illustration

With over 100 animal portraits art prints Ryan Berkley’s online art prints shop has quite the collection to browse through. This is another great example of how Shopify is a great platform to support you in scaling up your creative businesses.

Ryan Berkley Illustration

Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

Rosalie Haizlett is a nature illustrator from West Virginia, USA. In her online shop, you can discover her intricate paintings available as art prints, stickers, and other stationary products. She also provides wholesale pricing, but this is managed through the Faire platform rather than Shopify.

Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

Lucy Claire Illustration Shop

Lucy Claire, a freelance illustrator based in the UK, operates a quaint shop where she sells her inspirational prints to customers. Lucy also offers custom wedding illustrations and stationery, although this service is not available through Shopify. To initiate this process, customers will need to send an inquiry.

Lucy Claire Illustration Shop

Yanii Putrii Illustration Shop

One of the final Shopify shops on our list belongs to the small business owner, Yanii Putrii. In this shop, you can discover Yanii’s charming illustrations available for purchase as prints, notepads, planners, and postcards.

Yanii Putrii Illustration Shop

Cat Warehouse Shopify Shop

Cat Warehouse is the merchandise brand of YouTuber William Osman. In this store, you can find a variety of cat-inspired items such as accessories, t-shirts, and other fun products. If you’re a fan of cats or William Osman, this is a great place to explore. They rely on Shopify to manage their online store.

Cat Warehouse Shop

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