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Discover 42 Inspiring Squarespace Illustrators & Artists Portfolios

Discover 42 Inspiring Squarespace Illustrators & Artists Portfolios

Squarespace has over the past years become a well-established portfolio service among artists and illustrators and is now one of the most popular choices among creatives. In this guide, we’ll list some of our favorite artist portfolios using Squarespace.

This will be great if you’re looking for inspiration for your own online portfolio or want to find new talented artists to check out. Also, have a look at our other portfolio guides for creatives here on Creativehowl.


This guide contains affiliate links to Squarespace.

squarespace portfolio examples

Johanna Springer's illustration portfolio

Johanna Springer is one of my favourite illustrators and I featured her art so many times here on Creativehowl. She makes these powerful portraits and illustrations with lovely colour choices in her unique art style.

The dark background brings forward her art so well and gives the whole portfolio a luxurious look.

Joana Neves portfolio

Next Squarespace artist portfolio on the list is digital artist Joana Neves from Portugal with a bright colourful and fun portfolio showcasing her marvellous illustrations. Lots of dashing female portraits and lovely warm colour choices in this clean and simple portfolio.

Portfolio of Mathias Ball

Next up we have Canadian illustrator Mathias Ball gorgeous portfolio for his art, the amazing illustration does the heavy-lifting on his simplistic site, the fantastic details and choices of colour, fonts and that stunning and playful logo make this a great portfolio that matches Mathias art perfectly.

The division between the three categories (Narrative, Editorial & Personal) of his work makes a lot of sense and makes browsing through the work easy.

Rachel Hudson's portfolio

Here we have UK illustrator Rachel Hudson’s simple and clean Squarepace portfolio site filled with her lovely wildlife illustrations.

The use of fonts work great in her portfolio’s header, it’s simple, clear and suits her art style. Each of her illustration projects has a short text about them, its not much to read but it’s more then enough and something I really appreciate when a artist take the time and write a few lines about the project.

Jordan Lance illustration portfolio

Jordan Lance Los Angeles based illustrator has a clean online portfolio showcasing his illustrations and drawings.

If you’re curious to see how a Squarespace shop might look like when selling art you can have a look at how Jordan Lance uses their shop platform to sell original art on his portfolio

Abbey Lossing portfolio

Austin based illustrator Abbey Lossing portfolio is a wonderful mix of illustrations and motion making it a real treat to explore when art ready to be found in every corner. Like many of the Squarespace templates this site is also minimalistic and easy to navigate, and Abbey’s coherent colour scheme make everything look so lovely.

David Huang portfolio

Next we have New York based illustrator David Huang’s portfolio with his expressive detailed hand-drawn art. It’s yet another portfolio site with plenty to browse through, I’m always a fan when illustrators & artists are generous and share heaps of their art. There’s also quite a mix of different kinds of illustration projects and commission work to look through which I really enjoy.

Jacob Myrick portfolio

When you first enter American illustrator & animator Jacob Myrick’s portfolio you’re greeted with this adorable animation with a bunch of walking creatures, it’s the perfect image to be welcomed by on Jacob’s portfolio because it really encapsulate his joyful work!

If you click the animation or side menu you get to the portfolio itself and it’s a clean layout that’s super common among artists nowadays, the mix of animations and illustrations in the thumbnails makes it a delight to browse through.

Livia Fălcaru portfolio

Romanian illustrator Livia Falcaru’s Squarespace portfolio has big bold thumbnails that you can click on for a closer look at her different projects. I also appreciate how Livia features her art on products too, it mixes things up and helps the site to become to static.

Her simple hand-drawn logo really ties together the whole portfolio really well, I’m always a sucker for gorgeous headers and logos in an artist portfolio.

Gillian Dreher's portfolio

Next, we have the portfolio of illustrator Gillian Dreher with her lovely portraits and editorial work. Her hand-drawn animated wavy logo is just a treat that really adds to the calm and cosy feeling of the portfolio.

Malin Gyllensvaan's portfolio

The portfolio of the Swedish Textile designer & illustrator Malin Gyllensvaan uses bold and large images to show off Malin’s beautiful floral patterns and drawings. It’s a wide portfolio that uses the whole screen which works great for pattern designs. Malin Gyllensvaan also uses her portfolio to show off products she created in the past, it’s always interesting to see where her patterns ended up being used for.

Jannicke Hansen illustration portfolio

Jannicke Hansen is an Norwegian illustrator with a gorgeous portfolio that’s overfilled with her mysterious and symbolic illustrations. Her you’ll find possibly the cutest logo on this whole list, a bird-creature screaming Jannicke Hansen through a megaphone.

Almost everything in the portfolio is in this cold blue tone, which creates a great coherency throughout all her work and helps build a atmosphere for the portfolio site.

Samantha Mash's portfolio

Large square thumbnails illustrations by Samantha Mash fills up the whole screen on her Squarespace portfolio, giving the proper space Samantha’s stunning illustrations need.

The soft light peach colour mixed with the fire orange font colour fits her illustration fantastic, and give the whole portfolio peachy shimmer.

Weitong Mai's portfolio

Next portfolio on the list is Chinese-born Canadian illustrator Weitong Mai 麦玮桐.

This is a generous portfolio with plenty of sketches of Weitong’s work, which lets the visitors have a sneak peak into the creative process. Every project is packed with plenty of imagery and sketches making it a pleasure to explore.

Sami Viljanto's illustration portfolio

Finish artist and illustrator Sami Viljanto have a fun and colourful portfolio with the fancy name “Grande deluxe”,  it’s worth having a peak at if you want to see more of Sami’s wonderful creations!

Ray Domzalski's illustration portfolio

Next Squarespace portfolio on this list is the freelance illustrator Ray Domzalski from the USA. His art style is such a creative treat with dreamlike scenarios and messy lines.

Owen Gent's illustration portfolio

The British illustrator Owen Gent has a lovely portfolio featuring his mystifying paintings and illustrations.

Owen Gent also uses a Squarespace shop to sell limited edition prints of his work.

Lorraine Nam portfolio

Lorraine Nam is an illustrator from the USA that creates beautiful paper cutouts with her drawings, which she then makes into animations and illustrations.

The portfolio has a simple layout that’s easy to navigate. She has a lovely animated logo that adds a lot to the feel of the site. There’s also a pretty cute “about page” that I think Lorraine Nam did a great job with!

Loe Lee illustration portfolio

Loe Lee’s portfolio has some much to offer, here you’ll find her amazing mural work, her imaginative illustrations and a sneak peek into Leo’s commercial work. It’s a very generous portfolio that provide the visitors with plenty to look through and get inspired by!

Lauren Elizabeth Parra's portfolio

If you read this far down you might starting to notice that I’m a sucker for great logos and headers in a portfolio! And here we have another sublime logo that really completes the website. Designer and illustrator Lauren Elizabeth Parra has an adorable logo with a cat chilling among some flowers, love it.

The rest of the portfolio is simple and clean and stacked with Lauren’s fun illustrations and project, my personal favourite project of hers is the, Pokémon: ABC Book it’s simply to die for!

Jon Marchione's portfolio

Next we have brilliant illustrator/designer Jon Marchione from the USA and his portfolio. His art is a mix of detailed and talented drawings with imaginative and creative characters with a lot of heart!

If you decide to go over to Jon’s online portfolio have a peek at his cute animated self-portrait on the about page and see how he uses Squarespace to sell art prints and adorable bunny pins.

Johana Kroft design & motion portfolio

Animator & designer Johana Kroft from the Czech Republic has a colourful and impressive portfolio for her digital illustrations and animations. In my experience animators usually have the most fun portfolios, because there’s always something going and moving everywhere on their site.

Exploring Johana’s work is a treat and each project has a lot for the viewers to take a look at.

Lizzy O'Donnell portfolio

Illustrator Lizzy O’Donnell from the USA is next with her illustration portfolio. Lizzy has an imaginative art world filled with details and wonderfully expressive characters. Her giraffe buffet is my favourite illustration of her, such a cute drawing with a ton of charm.

The online portfolio itself has simple layout that you often see with Squarespace portfolio, she makes a terrific job putting together a site that suits her work great.

Sophie McPike's portfolio

Illustrator Sophie McPike dose her portfolio a bit different, if you’re looking for her work you’re doing a better job heading over to her Instagram because the portfolio is quite scarce with her work. Instead Sophie McPike uses her site more of place to point her visitors ells where, to her Etsy shop for example (that’s a large part of her business), and for contact info and stuff like that.

This is a beautiful example how you can use your portfolio in a different way then most creatives do.

Jeannie Phan portfolio

Jeannie Phan is a Vietnamese-Canadian illustrator with a stylish and playful drawing technique. On her portfolio, you can follow her editorial and branding work, a perfect insight if you’re interested in getting into illustration. Each project has a lot to offer for the viewer and Jeannie is more the generous with the work she’s sharing.

Jackson Joyce illustration portfolio

Here we have illustrator and painter Jackson Joyce’s portfolio is a nice mixture of editorial illustrations and paintings by Jackson Joyce. I just adore his use of light and colour in all his work, absolutely stunning.

It’s another quiet and straightforward portfolio that lets the artwork take the spotlight and do the heavy-lifting when it comes to visuals.

Izzy Marbella illustration portfolio

Illustrator Izzy Marbella’s online portfolio is this wonderfully odd place that really gets my imagination going, every piece of art is a snapshot of a story filled with surrealism and questions I’m dying to get answered. The portfolio layout itself is very simple yet everything ties perfectly together because of the coherent drawing style and the warm colour tones found in all the work.

Isabelle Follath portfolio

Zürich, Switzerland based illustrator Isabelle Follath and her portfolio is next up. The portfolio is great mixture of different illustration work but my favourite of Isabelle’s work is her children’s illustrations, which is a large part of the work she shows. Lovely hand-drawn drawings that sparks a lot of joy and happiness with its creativity.

Isabella Fassler illustration portfolio

Canadian illustrator, Isabella Fassler’s portfolio has its own section for Isabella’s sketches, where she shares a lot of her sketches, which is such a fun and generous thing to do and something more illustrator really should do!

Also, her hand-drawn header is something I absolutely adore, it’s the perfect crown on top of this portfolio and all its work.

Eleonora Arosio's portfolio

Next is Italian illustrator, Eleonora Arosio and her joyful portraits and illustrations.

The portfolio has these large images of her work all packed with bright fun colour which make the whole site such a fun place to browse through. Eleonora also uses Squarespace to sell her art as prints, stickers and many more.

Drew Bardana's portfolio

Illustrator Drew Bardana from the USA is next with his illustration and editorial portfolio. The portfolio’s layout might not be the most exciting on the list but it doesn’t matter because Drew’s lovely work makes up for it, an abundance of imaginative, vivid and fun illustration work.

Matt Forsythe's portfolio

Canadian artist Matt Forsythe is next on our list of portfolios with his expressive and wonderful world creations, each of his illustrations is filled with things happening and really gets the imagination going.  The portfolio layout itself is slick and simple with a square grid of plenty of Matt’s creations to look through.

Nicole Xu illustrations

Illustrator Nicole Xu’s amazing watercolour, ink and digital illustration are truly mesmerizing. There’s a good mix of different projects with both editorial and personal work to look through. Nicole’s portfolio itself is also a real treat with a simple and clean design with plenty of room for her illustration work to shine.

Adam Vogt illustration portfolio

Next, we have illustrator Adam Vogt’s portfolio site and his work with detailed line drawings with mystic motifs and inspiration from the occult. Adam’s is generous with his portfolio and there’s plenty of sketches and working progress drawings to check out.

Alison Polston's portfolio

Next is Illustrator Al Polston with her expressive and detailed animal illustration. Al done a fantastic job with the portfolio, in my opinion is perfectly suits her work, with everything from the leafy header, the logo and the overall feel of the portfolio. Al Polston also use Squarespace to sell her work, so go check out her shop if you want to see what’s in store.

We featured Al Polston before here, she told the story behind the inspiration for one of her work, it can be found here.

Alice Yang's portfolio

Illustrator Alice Yang from United States has a lovely portfolio showcasing her gorgeous illustration work, digital illustrations with fantastic colour choices and interesting use of light.

She also has a section on the portfolio where you can look through some of her sketch book pages, I always love when creators share their sketches, it’s a nice insight into their work.

Ashley Nicole DeLeon's portfolio

Here we have illustrator and comic artist Ashley Nicole DeLeon portfolio, one of my favourites on this list for a number of reasons. First off I love Ashley’s art style and colour choices, such creative and fun illustrations!

Also the portfolio itself is a real treat to explore, there’s a sketch book section where you can have a sneak peak into Ashley’s sketches. There’s a shop where you can buy prints, zines and also stickers and pins. And it’s the portfolio part of course, where you can look through plenty of amazing illustration by Ashley Nicole DeLeon.

Bianca Beneduci Assad's portfolio

Animator & Illustrator Bianca Beneduci Assad portfolio is next up, with her fun and playful animation and illustration work. The portfolio has large images with clear colour blocks as the background making the whole portfolio visually pleasing. With a mixture of illustration and animation projects makes the portfolio delight to browse through.

Clara Winnie's artist portfolio

Textile Artist, Designer and Illustrator Clara Winnie’s portfolio is a mix of her amazing needlepoint art and her digital illustration, everything in Clara’s beautiful art style, with bold colours and wonderful creatures.

The portfolio has a fantastic header in Clara Winnie’s art style that really completes the portfolio.

Cynthia Alonso illustration portfolio

Illustrator Cynthia Alonso portfolio is a great example how you can use Squarespace to create a more unconventional portfolio too. Cynthia’s portfolio is more of a business card online where you can get a feel for her work and find all her contact info and links in one place.

Asia Orlando's portfolio

Illustrator Asia Pérez Orlando really takes advantages of the full screen (on desktop) on her portfolio, each inch is covered in her art which makes for a great first impression to her site.

Asia has a “What’s new” with blog with new projects and updates, making it easy to follow her every step online, which is a nice addition that you don’t always see in portfolio sites.

Bug Robbin's Portfolio

Illustrator Bug Robbins has created a clean and simple portfolio with the help of Squarespace with large illustrations and a layout that lets the images take the focus with minimal use of text.

The illustrations themself feel very coherent with a colour scheme that ties everything together in a great way.

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