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Collaborate with us

We at Creativehowl are always looking for people to work and do a collaboration with. On this page, you’ll see a few ideas on how we could work together. If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how we could collaborate we’re always all ears.

Contact Page

Collaboration rather then promotion

We do get a lot of emails asking us to promote their work. If you take a look at our site you can see that we rarely promote a single artists or designers in a post of their own. We much rather collaborate with artists and designers instead of being asked to just promote their work. When reaching out to us think about collaborations that would benefit both of us, and that would add value and be interesting to our readers.

Surface Pattern Designer Directory

Are you a freelance pattern designer looking for work? Get listed for free in our Surface Pattern Designer Directory and start getting noticed by the right people. Here we like to help pattern designers to promote their work and find the next commission or licensing work.

Get in contact if you’d like to be listed. Just keep in mind this is a curated directory and everyone won’t be accepted.

Creative inspiration gallery

Inspiration gallery is an ongoing project where artist, designers and illustrators share the story about the inspiration for one of their works. The project is proof that creativity can come from anywhere, and that inspiration is something you have to create for yourself, as an artist you can’t just sit and wait to get inspired.

You can start reading the stories right now, Creative Inspiration Gallery

We’re always looking for more participants, you can contact us to request to take part in the projects (not everyone will be accpeted though).

@Illustrationhowl on Instagram

We have an Instagram page that shows some of our favourite illustrations found on Instagram.

You can use the hashtag #illustrationhowl for a chance to be featured on our page.

Or use the submission form found here.

Write for Creativehowl

We regularly look for people to share their insights here on Creativehowl and to write for us, we’re mainly looking for people with some past experience in writing this kind of content, but we’re always happy to hear your ideas. Here are a few topics that we’re looking for articles on;

  • Tutorials & Guides
  • Advice for people starting out
  • How to market & promote your creative work

We’re not really looking for sponsored posts or other promotional content, only in rare occasions do we accept promotional posts but then it has to somehow add value for our readers and be a good fit for Creativehowl.

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