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23 Pattern Designers on Instagram you Need to Follow

23 Pattern Designers on Instagram you Need to Follow

Textile & Wallpaper designers

We’ll list our personal favorites when it comes to pattern designers on Instagram, There are so many talented surface pattern designers on the platform and hopefully, you’ll find new interesting designers to follow and get inspired by.

This is a growing list of creators, so if you have any suggestions of your own feel free to share those in the comment section at the bottom of this page. And feel free to check out our Illustrator on Instagram list for more talented creators.

pattern designers on instagram

Linn Warme is a Swedish pattern designer with a love for the forest and all the creature in it. Her lovely patterns and prints are made with a mix of both digitally and handmade making her feed a real treat to browse through, her skill range in both traditional and digital makes her work really interesting to follow, any pattern enthusiast won’t be disappointed.

Kaisa Andersson Gozzi

Follow @kaisaanderssongozzi

Kaisa Andersson is a pattern and graphic designer from Sweden. With gouache and watercolor, she creates enchanting floral creations and patterns. Also, follow along when Kaisa draws her floral designs and check out her Instagram videos where you can sneak a peek into her enchanting drawing process.

Nancy Wolff is an illustrator and pattern designer that anyone who loves pattern design would want to follow, her whole Instagram feed is just filled with her gorgeous patterns, but don’t expect much when it comes to her design process or sneak peeks behind the work, her feed is pretty much only her complete designs. She also runs the design studio, Loboloup, which specializes in making imaginative hand-made wallpaper.

Kate Merritt is a pattern designer & illustrator based in Paris. She creates beautiful digital floral patterns in lovely toned down color schemes for textiles and wallpapers. Check out her Instagram for a great pattern experience with a great variety in her posts (mostly patterns).

Ángela Corti

Follow @angelacorti

Ángela Corti is an illustrator & pattern designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. On her Insta page, you’ll find everything from sketches, stationery, packaging and commercial projects featuring her surface pattern designs, it’s a great mixture making it a great page to follow.

Mable Tan is a established surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her patterns are fun and quirky, filled with animals & flowers in a bright and refreshing color scheme. Repeats that makes you happy!

Oana Befort is an illustrator that I couldn’t resist including in this list just because how her drawings are just filled with floral patterned surfaces. Here gouache drawings have a dreamlike colour palette that just pops out, a real treat for the eyes.

Next up is the British textile designer Sarah Gordon’s Instagram page that creates surface designs for fashion and interiors. She makes these fantastic patterns inspired by colourful corals which makes for some beautiful organic patterns with a lot of details for the eye to explore.

Teresa Chan is a surface designer that makes imaginative patterns often based on nature as inspiration. Head over to her Instagram to see her patterns in action on textile, scarfs and a lot more.

You’ll often find these simple graphic patterns with motives from nature or abstract ones on Zoe Wodarz’s Instagram. She makes stunning digital work with a strong handmade feel to them, playful & creative designs that are fun to explore. Her pattern filled Instagram is a perfect spot to get yourself inspired by.

Jessica Nielsen is a pattern designer & illustrator from the Netherlands. She explains her work the best herself, “timeless patterns”. Simple and almost geometric patterns in different more or less abstract forms.

Behind the design studio The Tiny Garden, you’ll find Maria Vashchuk, another pattern designer from The Nederlands on this list. She makes simple and colorful elegant patterns filled with a lot of heart.

Beth Norton is another pattern designer on Instagram worth checking out. For anyone who’s interested many of her designs are also available on Spoonflower for purchase.

(she also has way fewer followers than she deserves, let’s change that!)

Zoë is an artist & illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She recently this year took on the challenge of doing 100 prints in 100 days, it’s an absolute joy to follow her along that crazy journey. A lot of great inspiration can be found on her Instagram.

Next up we have Sofia Joving a Swedish pattern designer with an Instagram page just filled with stunning floral patterns and prints.

Well worth for any pattern lover to check out.

Cassie Byrnes

Follow @cassbyrnes

Cassie Byrnes is a textile designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She creates these handmade floral and nature-inspired patterns for her textiles and fashion prints.

Monika Forsberg is a London based illustrator. Her work is a playful treat for any art or pattern enthusiast. Another personal “must follow” for me!

Maja Rönnbäck is a pattern designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She makes colourful simple pattern designs often with some quirky details in them. She also has courses up on Skillshare if you want to learn more about pattern design and how to make them yourself.

Dylan Mierzwinski

Follow @bydylanm

Dylan is an illustrator that creates these fantastic floral patterns and botanical drawings, often with a retro feeling to them in the colors. Check out her Instagram if you want a page filled with patterns to follow.

Molly Egan creates these lovely patterns and drawings in gouache that completely vibrates with colour. Her fun drawing style makes it and an absolute joy to visit her Instagram page.

Jocelyn Proust

Follow @jos_proust

Print and Textile Designer Jocelyn Proust is another favourite on Instagram. You’ll find a variety of different kinds of pattern designs on her page, making it a fantastic page to follow.

Alison Janssen is an illustrator and pattern designer with a passion for everything floral, just have quick look at her Instagram page and you’ll understand what I mean. Beautiful colour choices and lush botanical motives.

Malin Gyllensvaan

Follow @malingyllensvaan

The Swedish illustrator and textile designer Malin Gyllensvaan has an Instagram filled with her whimsical and lovely work, and if you’re a fan of hand-drawn botanical work you won’t be disappointed. So go give her a follow right now!

Elizabeth Olwen

Follow @elizabetholwen

Elizabeth is a Canadian print & pattern designer living in Portugal with a lovely Instagram page if you’re looking for pattern inspiration. Organic and colorful surfaces that makes you smile to look at.

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