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Top 41+ Art Licensing Agencies for Illustrators & Pattern Designers

Top 41+ Art Licensing Agencies for Illustrators & Pattern Designers

Discover the top art licensing agencies for Illustrators & Pattern Designers in this list, and find the agency that aligns with your unique art style. Links for applying to these agencies can be found in the guide as well.

When you sign with an art licensing agency, they’ll represent you, striving to place your illustrations, patterns, and art on various products. In return, they’ll earn a commission on the deals they negotiate.

A Fresh Bunch

A Fresh Bunch is a Woman-led artist agency curating international designers for apparel, textiles, stationery, and tableware products. They are open to new artist submissions via their website. is a global illustration agency based in New York, USA, representing over 70 artists. They mainly work with children’s book illustration, licensing, and commercial art.

Lilla Rogers Studio

Lilla Rogers illustration agency represents over 40 talented artists. They world with art licensing with top brands around the world.

London Portfolio

London Portfolio, a New Jersey, USA-based design studio, represents around 25 international artists. They specialize in art licensing in the paper and textile industry.

thebrightagency logo

The Bright Agency

The Bright Agency represents artists and authors from around the world. They offer licensing services on a range of different products to top brands.

Plum Licensing

Plum Licensing is a part of The Plum Agency, a international agency specialising in children’s media. Plum Licensing works mainly with licensing within textiles and surface design.

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Wain’s World

Wain’s World is a licensing and product design Agency that currently represents 24 artists around the globe. You can check out their Instagram to see what kind of art licensing deals they have been making lately.

T.S.B. and Co.

T.S.B. and Co. is an art licensing and consulting firm that represents 18 talented artists and illustrators currently. Before applying you should head over to their online gallery to see what kind of art they offer, and see if your work is a good fit for them.

Wild Apple Licensing logo

Wild Apple Licensing

Wild Apple is an art publisher & licensor working with pattern designs and illustrations for home products, wall decor, and stationery. They have an extensive catalog of 84 artists they’re working with.

advocate-art logo

Advocate Art

Advocate Art is a leading agency specializing in art licensing and illustrations for children’s books. It’s a major agency representing numerous talented artists and illustrators.
Similar to many other agencies, Advocate Art charges a 35% commission from the artists they represent.

Brenda Manley Designs

Brenda Manley Designs is a smaller art agent representing a handful of artists, focusing on licensing in the surface design industry.

Suzanne Cruise Creative Services

Suzanne Cruise Creative Services, founded in 1990, is a licensing agency that represents 57 skilled artists. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this agency, visit their Submission Guidelines to learn about the application process.

Jehane Ltd

Jehane is a smaller illustration agency located in the UK, representing approximately 20 talented artists specializing in illustration and pattern design. The agency is led by designer Jehane Boden Spiers.

Jennifer Nelson Artists

Jennifer Nelson Artists is a global art agency that represents artists from all over the world. They work in various areas such as advertising, package design, apparel, home décor, and more. Jennifer Nelson Artists represents a select group of skilled artists who specialize in floral illustrations, pattern designs, and hand lettering.

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Lemonade illustration agency

Lemonade Illustration Agency

Lemonade Illustration Agency, a leading international agency, offers a wide range of services including children’s illustration, character design, and art licensing, thanks to their talented team of artists. This agency, which is a powerhouse in its field, represents over 200 artists and illustrators.

Magnet Reps

Magnet Reps is an illustration agency based in Los Angeles, representing a curated group of highly talented international artists. If you’re an artist interested in applying to join Magnet Reps, you can find more information on their Submission page, which is linked below.

Pink Light Studio

Pink Light Studio is an art licensing studio that represents over 40 women artists from around the world. Currently, they are not actively seeking new artists, but their website states that they are always reviewing new submissions.

Relevant Licensing

Relevant Art Licensing Studio is a recently established agency based in the UK. They specialize in vibrant, playful, and colorful illustrations and pattern designs.

Image Conscious Licensing

The Image Conscious Licensing agency supplies artwork to the wall decor and product manufacturing industries for their business needs.

Penny Lane Publishing

Penny Lane Publishing specializes in licensing for traditional art and prints. They represent a large number of artists. Visit their website to see if you and your art would be a good fit for this agency.

Jewel Branding & Licensing

Jewel Branding is a US-based agency specializing in licensing and branding. They represent an exclusive group of talented illustrators and pattern designers. If you’re interested in being represented by this agency, you can submit your request through their contact form.

Inspire Art Licensing

Inspire Art Licensing is a worldwide art licensing agency that specializes in greeting cards, bags, gift wrap, and textiles.

Yellowhouse logo

Yellowhouse Art licensing

Yellow House Art Licensing was founded by Sue Bateman in 2011. They primarily work with art licensing in the greeting cards, stationery, gifts, home-wares, and wall art industries.

Image By Design Art Licensing

Image By Design is an art licensing agency that represents over 200 artists, designers, and illustrators. They specialize in art licensing for greeting cards, stationery, puzzles, and other home décor products.

Lisa Larsen Studio

Lisa Larsen Studio is an art licensing agency that specializes in illustrations and designs for various markets including home décor, fabric, apparel, education, and editorial. At present, the agency represents 15 artists, each with unique and expressive styles.

Pure Art Licensing Agency

Pure Art Licensing Agency & Surface Design Studio was established in 2006. They specialize in art licensing for greeting cards, pattern designs, stationery, and artwork for packaging.

Creative Sparrow

Creative Sparrow is a UK-based agency founded by Hannah Curtis. They represent creatives across all industries globally, working with art licensing, branding, advertising, and publishing.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Robert Kaufman is a textile manufacturing company that has been supplying the US market with fabric for over 60 years. You can find guidelines on their website for submitting your pattern designs for consideration to be licensed by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Art In Motion

Art In Motion is an art publisher that specializes in selling art prints wholesale. They are currently open to new artist submissions.

DSW Licensing Company

DSW Licensing by Donna Westman represents a small group of talented artists and offers art licensing for a variety of fields including home décor, paper products, and giftware industries.

Ruth Levison Design

Levison Design is an art licensing agency that represents a small group of creative talents. They specialize in offering traditional art for prints, greeting cards, and other consumer products.

MHS Licensing

MHS is a licensing and consulting agency with over 25 years of experience in the industry. MHS Licensing offers a vast catalog of traditional art available for art prints, greeting cards, and more.

Mosaic Art Licensing Agency

Mosaic Licensing is an art licensing agency that collaborates with businesses worldwide, focusing on products such as home décor, gifts, stationery, and textiles.

Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing

Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing is an international art licensing agency that represents approximately 30 fine artists, primarily working with traditional art and illustrations.

Courtney Davis Inc.

Courtney Davis Art Licensing Agency was founded in 1977 and represents approximately 20 artists who mainly work in traditional art styles.

ArtSHINE Licensing

ArtSHINE Licensing offers a licensing portal where they showcase the talented lineup of artists, illustrators, and pattern designers that they represent.

JMS Art Licensing

Illustration agency based in London, UK

JMS Art Licensing specializes in licensing art for consumer products. They are constantly seeking new talent to represent. For more information on how to apply, visit their artist submission page.

World Art Group

Together with the 143 artists they represent, World Art Group offers over 70,000 images available for licensing. Specializing in providing unique, high-quality wall décor in a range of different art styles.

Artistic Designs Group logo

Artistic Designs Group

Artistic Designs Group is an art licensing agency that connects talented artists with clients to create a variety of consumer products together.

The Ansada Group, LLC

The Ansada Group, LLC represents more than 100 traditional fine artists. If you’re interested in applying, follow the link below to read their submission guidelines.

Licensing Liaison

Licensing Liaison, a full-service art licensing agency located in the USA. Representing a select group of illustration artists.

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