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Top 50+ Surface Pattern Design Hashtags to Grow your Instagram or TikTok

Top 50+ Surface Pattern Design Hashtags to Grow your Instagram or TikTok

Hashtags can be a great tool to reach more people on social media like Instagram or TikTok, and in this guide, I will show you my collection of surface pattern design hashtags that I use all the time on Instagram to reach more people with my designs.

There are plenty of pattern design tags that are quite active & popular on Instagram, and I have seen great results when using these tags. There’s no shortage of people interested in pattern designs and hopefully, these tags will help you with that.

First off you can read more about how to use tags on Instagram or skip to the hashtags lists by clicking a category of tags below.

Pattern design hashtags

Pattern Design hashtags

I’ll start off with general pattern design tags, not specific to any theme.

#surfacepatterndesign #printandpattern #patterndesign #patterndesigns #surfacedesign #patterndesigner #patterned #repeatpattern #patternloveĀ #pattern #patterns #textilepattern

#fabricpattern #patternoftheday #patternator #patternity #patternlicious #patternart #patterninspiration #patternlife #patternonpattern #patternplay #patternillustration #patterndrawing #dspattern

Tags for Pattern Design feature pages

These are tags for a few Pattern pages on Instagram that regularly feature artist and designers using these tags.

#thepatterncurator #patternandprint #patternobserver #surfacespatterns #illustrationhowl

floral hashtag

Tags for Floral patterns

Floral pattern designs are a popular niche of patterns and there’s plenty of people use for their posts and also a lot of people search for these floral tags daily.

#floralpatterns #floralpattern #naturepattern #flowerpattern #flowerart #floraldesign #flowerillustration #floralillustration #floralpatterndesign #simplefloraldesign

#naturepattern #forestpattern

Specifying the type of flower/plant in the pattern could also be a good idea, here are a few example, #rosepattern #tulipillustration #sunflowerpattern


Only using the flower/plant as a hashtag (without adding -pattern in the end) will have a hard time getting noticed, just because people use those tags a lot and people use them for other things than art & illustrations. Using more general floral & nature tags for your pattern designs could work if you have a popular page with a lot of followers that can stand out and take a place among the “Top Posts” in those hashtags.

Other pattern tags


Vector pattern tags

#vectorillustration #vectorart #adobeillustrator #vectorpattern #vectorpatterndesign

Animal tags

#animalpatterndesign #animalpattern #animalillustration #animaldrawing

“name of animal”+pattern


#geometricpattern #geometricpatterns #geometricalpattern

Be creative and use tags that can work for your designs, create tags that are related to the medium your using (watercolor, digital art), or tags related to what your patterns theme is (animals, geometric, the colors used).

hashtag image
Instgram feed

How to use tags on Instagram

First off some basic hashtag advice, there’s a limit of 30 tags/post on Instagram, if you use more then 30 then those tags will simply not work.

I wouldn’t recommend using all the 30 tags though, using that many tags will look quite spammy and unprofessional, the more tags you use the less likely you’ll get featured in the top section of a hashtag.

And my last advice would be to change up your tags that you use regularly, if you keep using the same tags over and over again you’ll notice that you eventually will stop showing up in the feed for that tag, over usage of a tag or a group of tags seems to indicated to Instagram that these tags might not be that relevant and are just being copied/pasted into every post of that person.

In my experience you’ll get much better results if using fewer tags and more relevant tags for your posts. I would recommend using around 5-10 tags/post.

I will break down the pattern tags into different categories so that you can pick and choose the one that suits your content.

#Patterndesign top posts

Finding more hashtags

That’s it for this list, if you’re still looking for more hashtags I’ll end the guide with a simple way you can do hashtag research by yourself.

I start off by heading to the page of a popular hashtag, let’s say #patterndesign as an example, I then start by looking through the top posts and see what kind of tags they’re using in their captions, the great thing about Instagram is that all the info is open for anyone to see, keep looking for other relevant hashtags that they used and start making your own list of hashtags based on what you find.

I noticed I got the best results by checking the top posts of a hashtag, but you could go through any post that uses the tag. When I’m done with searching a certain hashtag page I just move onto the next hashtag and do the same thing over again.

Hashtag goldmines

Sometimes I stumble upon creators on Instagram that clearly spent a lot of time on their hashtag research, that have great & relevant tags in their captions. I usually take a minute or so to check out their profile, because chances are pretty high I’ll find even more niche-specific tags in their other posts. If you want some talented pattern designers to get started you can check out our guide on Pattern designers on Instagram for inspiration.