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The best Enamel Pins on Etsy: 31 Must-Have Designs from Talented Artists

The best Enamel Pins on Etsy: 31 Must-Have Designs from Talented Artists

We’re going to explore Enamel Pins from my favorite artists on Etsy. It’s a fantastic way to support artists directly while getting something unique for yourself or as a gift.

Etsy is such a fantastic goldmine when it comes to pins, the only problem is that the good ones can be tricky to find among all the pins available on Etsy, well I’m here to help you the best pins on Etsy!

This guide has affiliate links, if you make purchases on Etsy through some of the links on the page, Creativehowl will earn a commission (which helps us tremendously!).

Enamel Pins on Etsy

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Hannakin Etsy by Hanna Mancini

Australian-based illustrator Hanna Mancini got a treat of an Etsy store with so much of her creative world to choose from. There’s aren’t that many pins to choose from but the ones available are amazing! My favorite of hers is the party pin with a happy little dude that’s full of excitement!

Hannakin Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Party Pin by Hannakin 

Ragon Dickard Etsy Shop

Ragon Dickard is a Seattle-based Artist and Illustrator with an Etsy shop with a bunch of fun hard enamel pins. Her piggy pins are too cute to be true and are reason enough to head over to her shop and have a look at all her goodies she has to offer.

Ragonia Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Pig Pin by Ragonia

ilariapops Etsy shop

Ilariapops is an adorable shop on Etsy run by Italian artist Ilaria Ranauro, it’s a huge shop considering it’s only a single person behind every creation! She has a couple of super kawaii enamel pins available, the adorable cassette tape with “cute songs” being my absolute favourite.

ilariapops Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Cassette Tape Hard Enamel Pin by ilariapops

DanielleVDesigns Etsy shop

Danielle Laurenti is an illustrator and creator from New York with a shop packed with her quirky illustrations.

If you’re looking for cat pins you have come to the right place, here you can find cats mixed with a bunch of characters from pop culture, how about pinhead cat pins? Or mermaid cat pins? Or my personal favorite the David Bowie cat pin, all sparkly and cute!

DanielleVDesigns Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Bowie Cat Enamel Pin by DanielleVDesigns

John Moniker Etsy

Here we have John Moniker from Singapore with this adorable gold plated Duck in an umbrella pin, super cute. This Etsy store is a pin lover dream with a huge variety of pins to choose from with almost 100 pins available as of writing this!

A must to check out on Etsy.

John Moniker shop

(affiliate link)

Duck Umbrella Enamel Pin by John Moniker

Jushmu by Julie Campbell

Canadian illustrator Julie Campbell is next on our list, with her shop packed with her colourful and fun drawings turned into prints, stickers and of course enamel pins!

A fair warning, paying this shop a visit will hurt your wallet! There’s so many pins choose from, making it a lovely shopping experience to explore. My personal favourite being the cute Gang Gar Pokemon pin.

Jushmu Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Gang Gar Enamel Pin by Jushmu

Maud Chevallier Etsy

Here we have a smaller shop with creations by French illustrator Maud Chevallier. There’s not that many pins to choose from but worth mentioning because how lovely they are.

My favourite being the Blue bear pin, love the panic in the bears eyes and the simple design!

Maud Chevallier Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Blue Bear Hard Enamel Pin by Maud Chevallier

Gremren Etsy

Next is Renata Paton and the shop Gremren. I been following this illustrator for quite some time and her animal illustration are just fantastic, what I love the most is her colour choices they’re always so creative and vibrant!

The Etsy shop is joy to browse through, with mostly prints and stickers there’s also a few Enamel Pin to find here. A quick heads up is that the shop is located in Australia, so expect bit longer delivery time.

gremren Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Pink Bear + Apple Enamel Pin by Gremren

White bird pins Etsy

Candace from Michigan, United States has a adorable shop with pins and stickers. Her designs are simple and cute featuring cats and birds. There’s even a selection of wood pins which isn’t always that common to see.

Her simplistic designs makes for perfect pins, like the delightful “Bird with boots” pin!

whitebirdpins shop

(affiliate link)

bird with boots enamel pin by Whitebirdpins

SoUnfunny Etsy

Here we have Polish illustrator Jakub’s Etsy shop, SoUnfunny. A whole shop filled with Jakub’s lovable and quirky animal drawings. For being a one-man-shop it’s truly massive with plenty to browse through! The pins section doesn’t disappoint with loads of cute Enamel and Wood pins to choose from.

SoUnfunny shop

(affiliate link)

Cat in Shark Costume Pin (Wood) by SoUnfunny

Maggiemagoodesigns Etsy

Pattern designer Carole from the UK has an Etsy shop that’s been around since 2014. It’s a great shopping experience browsing through all her different beautiful items. I especially love her gold and black enamel pin brooches that have this distinct luxurious feel to them.

maggiemagoodesigns Etsy

(affiliate link)

Beetle enamel pin by Maggiemagoodesigns

HeidirooArt by Heidi Moreno

Next we have illustrator Heidi Moreno located in the USA. This is an illustrator I been following for quite some time and I’m completely adore her art style. It’s a style that oozes character and always has this hand-made feel to them.

This is yet another Etsy shop that has so much to offer, there’s a smaller selection of pins that are worth checking out if you love Heidi’s art as much as I do!

HeidirooArt Etsy

(affiliate link)

Sleepy Striped Cat enamel pin by Heidi Moreno

Lauren Gale Makes

Bristol, UK based illustrator Lauren Gale and her shop is next up with her dream-like wildlife creations. My favourite pin in the shop must be Lauren’s Garden in a Space Helmet Enamel Pin, it’s such a fantastic concept and it works great as a pin too!

LaurenGaleMakes Etsy

(affiliate link)

Space Helmet Enamel Pin by LaurenGaleMakes

eloisedraws by Eloise Narrigan

Now it’s time to show Illustrator Eloise Narrigan with her lovely shop. Based in Rhode Island, United States this cute little shop has a lot to offer when it comes to sweet pins. Eloise’s animal characters makes for some fantastic pins.

Another thing I adore with this shop is the packaging for the pins, so creative and fun!

Eloise Narrigan Etsy

(affiliate link)

Pangolin & Popsicle – Rose Gold Enamel Pin by Eloise Narrigan

 Ohjessicajessica Etsy

If you’re looking for pins this is the shop for you, this massive shop managed by talented Melbourne-based illustrator Jessica Harris has so many hard enamel pins it’s crazy. For me personally I really enjoy all Jessica’s animal designs, they’re so cute!

I highly recommend taking this shop for visit, you won’t be disappointed, and with 17,000+ Sales and 4000+ reviews with an average 5 stars it seems like her customers wasn’t disappointed either!

Ohjessicajessica Etsy

(affiliate link)

Happy Axolotl Hard Enamel Pin by Ohjessicajessica

Marladraw on Etsy

Canadian based illustrator Marla White has a cat packed store on Etsy, and I absolutely adore her signature “knife cat” illustration that you can find in plenty of iterations in different designs and products. For me the black knife cat pin really stands out, it’s so cute and just the right amount of creepy.

marladraw Etsy

(affiliate link)

Black Cat with Knife Enamel Pin by Marladraw

GhostBarn by Emily Harrison-Ach

Here we have Etsy shop GhostBarn by US artist & illustrator Emily Harrison-Ach. I first found this shop when I saw Emily’s amazing embroidery art online, which I really recommend you do too! But there’s also a some pins to check out too, my favourite being the “Stabby Crab Enamel Pin”, a colourful and shiny crab with a knife, what’s not to love?

GhostBarn Etsy

(affiliate link)

Stabby Crab Enamel Pin by Emily Harrison-Ach

Papricots Etsy

This next shop been on Etsy since 2015 with around 7000 sales, The Papricots Etsy shop is a real dose of joy to look through. This is a colourful and bright place where you’ll find plenty of cute and geeky stuff to add to your wish list.

The pin section doesn’t disappoint, you’ll find super cute (butt?) fruits and animals as pins and patches.

Papricots Etsy

(affiliate link)

Pear butt enamel pin by Papricots

Tukoni Tribe Etsy

Tuoni Tribe is the creation of Ukraine illustrator Oksana Bula. She created this universe with these forest spirits, Tukoni. On Etsy, she sells everything Tukoni, a truly extensive shop with well over 300 products, with of course a cute selection of pins featuring these forest spirits!

TukoniTribe Etsy

(affiliate link)

Unicorn Constellation Enamel Pin by Tukoni Tribe

Ariana Padron Etsy

Next we have a tiny shop by illustrator Ariana Padron based in the USA. As of writing the shop only has one Enamel Pin available but it’s so cute I decided to include Ariana’s shop anyway. It’s a pin with an adorable cat with headphones, listening to some tunes (I imagine).

Ariana Padro's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Tommy the Headphone Cat Enamel Pin by Ariana Padron

ChezVonnette Etsy

Illustrator Mélissandre Samson from Angoulême, France has a charming Etsy shop filled with precious animal pins and brooches. She even does personalized cat brooches, where she can make portraits of people’s pets and make them into stunning pins!

ChezVonnette Etsy

(affiliate link)

Set of 3 Enamel Pins – enamelled brooch by ChezVonnette

Ateliertiti Etsy

Next, we have illustrator Ellen de Bruijn from The Netherlands. With her cute drawing style, she creates these charming prints and pins in her Etsy shop. Her black cat pin is a beautiful piece to pick up among many great finds.

Ateliertiti Etsy

(affiliate link)

Kees the cat, enamel black and gold pin by Ateliertiti

ThisorThatStudio by Victoria Borges

Here we have the This or That Etsy shop by illustrator Victoria Borges from United States. Victoria draws these simple and honest illustrations that makes for perfect enamel pins. Her Flower Face Enamel Pin is so cute and the gold details in the lines makes it such a banger in my book.

ThisorThatStudio Etsy

(affiliate link)

Flower Face Enamel Pin by Victoria Borges

Thistle Be Nice by Sophie McPike

Here we have one of my personal favourites, Australian illustrator Sophie McPike with the Etsy shop “Thistle Be Nice”. This is yet another shop that’s a true delight to browse through, there’s so much beautiful things! Fun, colourful, quirky and a lot of animals.

My top pick in her shop would be “Equal love” pin which makes for such a cute pin!

Sophie McPike's Etsy

(affiliate link)

EQUAL LOVE hard enamel pin by Sophie McPike

Samantha Mash’s Etsy

Illustrator Samantha Mash from the United States is up next with her Etsy. I first found Samantha’s Etsy because of her prints and I instantly fell in love with her art style and the colours she uses. In the shop there’s a few of her illustrations turned into enamel pins which I highly recommend checking out.

Samantha Mash's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Sunset Cranes pin by Samantha Mash

Rae Ritchie’s Etsy

Illustrator Rae Ritchie from the US is next on our list. Rae creates these dream-like detailed illustrations that I love getting lost in. Rae’s shop is a real treat to explore with all her different prints, originals, and stickers, as of writing there’s only one pin available to buy. But I think it’s such a great shop that it’s worth mentioning anyway, and the one Magic hare pin she sells is super lovely.

Rae Ritchie's Etsy

(affiliate link)

 Magic Hare Enamel Pin by Rae Ritchie

Natalie Briscoe’s Etsy

Illustrator and Graphic designer Natalie Briscoe with her US based Etsy shop is next on our list. This artist shop offers a bunch of colourful and fun products all in Natalie’s fun art style, it’s a shop that makes you happy to browse through.

Her Midnight Moth Enamel Pin is such a lovely design worth having a look at.

Natalie Briscoe's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Midnight Moth Enamel Pin by Natalie Briscoe

MDoyleIllustration by Maya Doyle

Here we have British illustrator Maya Doyle and her superb Etsy shop. This is mainly a print shop but I couldn’t help myself to include Maya’s Pencil Pin design in this list, it’s such a cute little pin that I couldn’t resist showing you all.

Maya Doyle's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Pencil Pin by Maya Doyle

Marijkeillustration by Marijke Buurlage

Illustrator Marijke Buurlage from The Netherlands has a fantastic Etsy shop that offers pretty much everything you can imagine (well almost!).

Posters, embroidery, cards and of course pins! Marijke’s bird pins are my absolute favourites from her shop, and the packaging for the pins are among the nicest on this list!

Marijke Buurlage's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Bird pin pack by Marijke Buurlage

LayerLunar Etsy

Graphic design & illustrator Leya Luna Switzerland is talented creator I been following for quite some time.

Leya’s “weapon of choice” pencil enamel pin is a real treat and would be a great gift for any creator you’d might know.

LayerLunar Etsy

(affiliate link)

Weapon of choice pencil enamel pin by LayerLunar

Kelsey Buzzell’s Etsy

We’re going to end this list with one last amazing illustrator shop, Kelsey Buzzell from the US. Kelsey has such cute drawing style that I really enjoy! Kelse’s cat pin is such a cute design, that makes perfect as a enamel pin.

Kelsey Buzzell's Etsy

(affiliate link)

Mittens – Heart-shaped Cat Pin by Kelsey Buzzell

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