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Finest Sculptures on Etsy – 22 Sculpture on Etsy Shops working with Ceramic, Textile & Wood

Finest Sculptures on Etsy – 22 Sculpture on Etsy Shops working with Ceramic, Textile & Wood

Etsy can be a fantastic place to find handmade sculptures and ceramics made by artists from around the world. But finding what you’re looking for isn’t always an easy task, considering how much stuff there is on the Etsy marketplace.

In this list, I’ll guide you through some of my personal favorites when it comes to sculptures on Etsy. I’m a sculptor myself so I spent many many hours looking through thousands of listings on Etsy.

sculpture shops etsy

The guide has Etsy affiliate links, if you buy anything through some of the links on this page Creativehowl will earn a small commission.

CalacaCeramicArt by Nastia Calaca

Ceramic artist Nastia Calaca from The Netherlands is first on the list, with her whimsical unique ceramic creatures and animals.

Her sculptures feel like they have been taken from a book or a fable and put into real life. Detailed sculptures are crafted with a lot of care. I recommend taking a look at Nastia’s Etsy shop and exploring the wonderful ceramic world she created.

CalacaCeramicArt Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

CalacaCeramicArt sculptures

Toad Ceramic Sculpture by Nastia Calaca

Ramalama Creatures

Raminta is the creator behind Ramalama Creatures on Etsy, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Here you’ll find the most amazing miniature animal figurines painted with so much details. It almost feel like she covered the whole animal kingdom by now, from polar bears to Sea slugs (and everything in-between).

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these wonderful animal figurines you have to be fast as they sell out fast. There’s new releases every month, so your best bet is to follow Ramalama on Instagram.

Ramalama Creatures Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

sculpture figurines

Elephant Shrew Sculpture by Ramalama Creatures

Jonas Welin Sculptures

The next sculptor is me (the writer of this list). My name is Jonas Welin and I’m a sculptor from Sweden. I create colorful handmade animals figurines, they’re often a hybrid between different animals or just creatures out of my imagination.

Feels free to check me out on Etsy or my Instagram.

Jonas Welin Etsy shop
jonas welin sculptures

Dotted Red Fox Sculpture by Jonas Welin

MANOONI by Hanna & Olga Dovhan

MANOONI, a Ukraine-based shop by two sisters, Hanna Dovhan and Olga Dovhan makes these adorable wool sculptures with needle felting. Animals, creatures and other characters of their creation, all made in wool in bright delightful colors.

One of my favorites by them is their fluffy cute clouds, such a wonderful concept and the materials is all fluffy like a cloud.

MANOONI Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

manooni sculptures

Elephant sculpture by Hanna Dovhan

Art knacky by Andrea Shemilt Kashanipour

Ceramic artist & sculptor Andrea Shemilt Kashanipour from Arizona, United States is next with her art knick knacks (as she calls her creations). Shemilt creates imaginative creatures, animals and dreamlike scenarios all in clay.

In her shop she sells these “trinket dishes” that she makes in a bunch of different themes, they’re so cute and for sure my favorite kind of item of her.

Artknacky Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Ceramic Pink Cat with superiority issues by by Andrea Shemilt Kashanipour

Past Your Porch light by Jessie Cunningham

Jessie Cunningham and the shop Past Your Porch light sells these cute soft sculptures made out of textile. Grizzles & Polar bears with creative details and imaginative scenarios.

My favorite, a Bear Forest Spirit, a sitting bear with tiny mushrooms growing on its back is just wonderful!

Past Your Porchlight Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

bear sculptures textile

Bear Forest Spirit by by Jessie Cunningham

Pho ceramics by Audrone Dackute

Audrone Dackute from Vilnius, Lithuania has a Etsy shop with adorable ceramic planters and mugs shaped like animals and creatures. If you’re looking for sculptures that you can use in your every day life this shop is an excellent place to stop by.

Why not have your next cup of coffee in a colorful mug shaped like an anteater?

phOceramics Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Spotty Poppy Hippo Bowl by Audrone Dackute

Adatine Etsy Shop

Next we have more wonderful soft textile sculptures, its Adatine on Etsy. Another shop located in Vilnius, Lithuania, a country known for its textile traditions, crafts and art.

Their quirky creatures are goofy and insanely cute, you just want to snuggle up on them all. I have a soft spot in my heart for their soft horse sculptures, a creation that is simple is a perfect way with small handmade details that gives it life.

adatine Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

adatine sculptures

Soft Horse Sculpture by Adatine

Mudrenko by Vladimir Mudrenko

Ceramic artist Vladimir Mudrenko (Владимир Мудренко) from Ukraine is the next shop on our list. He creates artistic ceramic sculptures with interesting minimalistic interpretations of different creatures.

It’s a lovely shop to find traditional ceramic art where the material really gets to take the spotlight.

Mudrenko Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Mudrenko sculptures

Ceramic Bull Sculpture by Vladimir Mudrenko

Apily Etsy Shop

The Etsy Shop Apily located in France is another shop that sells adorable soft sculpture. Super cute crochet animals and creature, I especially adore the big amigurumi, these big fellas are over 20 cm tall.

A really cool thing about this shop is that they also sell patterns for some of these creatures, so you can actually create them yourself!

Apily Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

crochet toys

Cuddly crochet axolotl by Apily

Barruntando Ceramics Etsy Shop

With over 20 000 sales since the start in 2014 the next shop is quite the established Etsy shop, to say the least. The Spanish shop Barruntando Ceramics sells everything you could imagine when it comes to ceramic, figurines, cups, pots and planters. Everything in made in cute style with plenty of animals.

I especially adore their yarn and needle bowls that you place your ball of yarn in when you crochet, a perfect gift for anyone that loves crocheting.

BarruntandoCeramics Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Barruntando ceramics

Dog Urn Ceramic by Barruntando Ceramics

Minky Moo Ceramics by Esther Baggott

Minky Moo Ceramics located in Sydney, Australia is our next Etsy shop that offers charming indoor planters that looks like cute animals with a plant on their back. Makes for a great gift or just to treat yourself with some cuteness in your home.

MinkyMoo Ceramics Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

ceramic planters

Pug Ceramic Planter by Esther Baggott

Molly Burgess Designs

Molly Burgess is a fiber artists that creates textile insects sculptures. She use hand embroidery, machine stitching and painting to create her fantastic moths and insects.

The sculptures sell out fast though, so if you want to snag any of these wonderful insects you got to be fast!

MollyBurgessDesigns Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

insects by Molly Burgess

François Moth by Molly Burgess

Alex Sickling

Ceramic artist Alex Sickling from the UK sells illustrated and handmade ceramics in their Etsy shop. Quirky creatures with a handmade unique feel to them all. There’s a lot of fun items to discover in this jam-packed ceramic shop.

Alex Sickling Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Alex Sickling ceramics

Small rabbit ceramic ornament by Alex Sickling


One of my absolute favorites on this list is Woool Forest on Etsy, it’s yet another fabolous shop that sells textile sculptures! This Ukraine-based shop has these cute and imaginative wool creatures.

Their “Duck quack-quack”, duck sculpture is just a fantastic piece of work that I would love to own some day!

WooolForest Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

WooolForest sculptures

Duck quack-quack by WooolForest

NaBakir by Nataliia Avdieienko

Ukrainian artist, Nataliia Avdieienko and her soft toy animals are next. She sews these amazing textile creatures that work perfectly as a stuffed toy or a textile sculpture to be displayed.

Her caspian gull plushie is my personal favorite, but there’s so much cute stuff in her shop its hard to choose a favorite really.

NaBakir Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Nabakir plushies

Caspian gull plushie by Nataliia Avdieienko

lilchotchke by Lisha Tan

Next is Ceramics Artist Lisha Tan from the United States and her handmade magical ceramic creatures. Her ceramic animals are painted in such lovely colors palette and often filled with cute patterns all over.

Like many of the Etsy shops selling sculptures there’s often a short supply, and this is also true for Lisha Tan’s creations, so if you like to grab any of her ceramic goods you need to act fast and maybe join her on Instagram to get notified when the next drop is.

lilchotchke Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

lilchotchke sculptures

Lion ceramic bell by Lisha Tan

Yarnsterday by Parn Aniwat

Next we have a wood artist making sculptures and figurines, it’s Parn Aniwat based in Texas, United States.

These are made by hand and carved with a chisel knife. They’re painted with acrylic paint, the paint job is always so beautiful yet very simple.

Yarnsterday Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

yarnsterday figurines

“Over the rainbow” by Parn Aniwat

WoodByWout by Wouter de Bruijn

WoodByWout is a smaller Etsy shop located in The Netherlands by artist Wouter de Bruijn. Here’s you’ll find charming bird sculptures made out of wood.

It’s a great tiny shop that deserve some more love, so check it out!

WoodByWout Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

bird sculptures by WoodByWout

The Atlantic puffin by Wouter de Bruijn


This Canadian based Etsy Shop, MountRoyalMint is another lovely place to find cute textile sculptures. These soft sculptures are hand-sewn in merino wool felt and painted with tints and dyes.

The summer Unicorn is by far my favorite from this shop, the cotton candy fluffy hair blowing in the wind really does it for me. Absolutely delightful!

MountRoyalMint Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

MountRoyalMint elephants

Summer Unicorn by MountRoyalMint

Story Objects by Vera van Wolferen

Story Objects Etsy shop based in The Netherlands by artist Vera van Wolferen. Vera creates these miniatures out of wood or paper, each having their own story to tell.

There’s so much detail going into each of the imaginative creations. I’m especially in awe of what she can create with just paper.

Story Objects Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

StoryObjects vehicle sculptures

“Jeep Safari for the Cultural Anthropologist” by Vera van Wolferen

2of2 Etsy Shop

Behind the Etsy shop, 2of2 there is the brother and sister design duo, Dan Dundin and Meredith Franzese, where they sell their well-crafted miniature creations, tiny architecture delights, and other miniature objects

The shop has been around since 2012 with close to 6000 sales of tiny houses, mini TVs, and other delightfully small things.

2of2 Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

minature houses

Miniature food truck by 2of2

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