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Etsy Finds: 22 Must-See Floral Art Prints from Talented Artists

Etsy Finds: 22 Must-See Floral Art Prints from Talented Artists

Welcome, flower fanatics and art enthusiasts! Are you ready to be transported to a colorful and whimsical world where petals and paintbrushes collide? Look no further, because we’ve scoured the depths of Etsy to bring you 22 of the most stunning and unique floral art prints from some of the most talented artists out there.

From dreamy watercolor and gouache blooms to bold and graphic flowers, these prints will add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any room in your home.

So, put on your flower crown, grab a sip of flower tea and let’s dive into this blooming wonderland together!

Etsy Finds: 22 Must-See Floral Art Prints from Talented Artists

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Sophie Potter

Sophie Potter from Cardiff, United Kingdom is the first talented artist on our list of flower art prints. Sophie has a great selection of her bold and colorful hand-drawn floral illustrations available as prints or cute cards.

I especially adore Sophie’s vintage tins floral arrangements, such a fun concept.

Sophie Potterco shop

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Linn Warme Floral prints

Swedish Illustrator and pattern designer Linn Warme’s Etsy shop is a treat for anyone looking for botanical art prints. Linn has a little bit of everything here, both hand-drawn and digitally drawn-illustrations.

Her art is sometimes imaginary botanical creations and at other times she makes highly detailed realistic drawings of different colorful florals.

Linn Warme Etsy Shop

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Samantha Mash Floral prints

Illustrator Samantha Mash from Oregon, United States has a unique, colorful, and expressive art style that I’m completely in love with. Here at Samantha’s Etsy shop, you can buy her art on stickers, pins, and prints. Her mini-prints are to die for, often featuring animals and beautiful florals and greenery.

With 15,000 Sales and counting and a 5-star rating, it’s a super well-liked shop with heaps of happy customers that can’t get enough of Samantha Mash’s art.

Samantha Mash Etsy shop

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Rae Ritchie Art Prints

Illustrator Rae Ritchie is up next with her botanical and animal prints. Her creations are always filled with details and life. Rae’s shop is located in Minnesota, United States, and if the wildlife and nature look like that in Minnesota like they do in her art, I defiantly want to go to there!

There’s plenty of fun stuff to explore in this shop, apart from gorgeous art print there are beautiful calendars, fabrics, and stickers.

Rae Ritchie Etsy shop

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Melissa Donne Studio

Meet Melissa Donne, an illustrator based in Southampton, United Kingdom. Melissa is known for her beautiful and stylized digital abstract floral art, which she creates using digital tools and techniques.

Melissa has an Etsy shop where she primarily sells art prints featuring her stunning floral artwork. Melissa’s art is perfect for anyone who loves flowers and nature, and her abstract style adds a unique and modern twist to traditional floral designs. In addition to art prints, Melissa also offers a few other products featuring her digital abstract floral designs, such as bookmarks.

So if you’re looking to add some color and beauty to your home or workspace, be sure to check out Melissa Donne’s Etsy shop and see all the amazing digital art she has to offer.

melissadonnestudio Etsy shop

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Jessica Smith Print Shop

Welcome to the creative world of Jessica Smith, a talented artist and illustrator based in Bath, United Kingdom. In her Etsy shop, you’ll find a selection of beautiful and colorful prints and cards that showcase Jessica’s unique style and artistic skills. Working with gouache, a medium known for its rich, velvety texture and vibrant colors, Jessica creates a variety of artwork ranging from florals to abstract designs.

Whether you’re looking for a special piece of art for your home or a thoughtful card to send to a loved one, you’ll find something to love in Jessica’s shop. Thank you for visiting and supporting a talented independent artist!

Jessica Smith Etsy shop

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Hannah Lock Etsy Shop

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind floral artwork that’s sure to catch your eye, then you’ll want to check out Illustrator Hannah Lock’s Etsy shop! Based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom, Hannah is a talented artist who creates breathtaking drawings using colored pencils. From intricate art prints to original drawings and even a few pieces of pottery, Hannah’s shop is filled with unique and beautiful items that are sure to delight.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of Hannah’s art – visit her Etsy shop today and start exploring all that she has to offer!

Hannah Lock Etsy Shop

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Emily Honey Illustrations

Emily Honey is a talented illustrator based in Coventry, United Kingdom. Her bold, colorful botanical art and abstract florals are absolutely gorgeous. Emily’s online shop has art prints and cards of her work. If you are a fan of fiery colors, and unique illustrations, take a look at Emily’s lovely shop.

Emily Honey Etsy Shop

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Lizzie May Design

As someone who is a fan of Lizzie May’s work, I can’t get enough of her stunning garden scenes painted with gouache. With its attention to detail and vibrant colors, it’s almost as if you can step into the painting and become immersed in a beautiful world of gardens and greenery. And with over 3700 sales on her Etsy shop, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who loves her work. From botanical paintings to art prints and cards, there’s something for everyone at Lizzie May’s shop.

LizzieMayDesign Etsy Shop

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Lisa Rupp Design

Lisa Rupp is an artist from Oregon who works with a variety of mediums including surface design, painting, and ceramics. Her art is inspired by nature, and she has a particular affinity for flowers. In her Etsy shop, you can find a selection of her art available for purchase, including prints, ceramics, and tea towels. It’s a fun little online shop worth a visit!

Lisa Rupp Etsy Shop

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Cathy Cornish Print Shop

Cathy Cornish is a designer and mural artist based in Glastonbury, United Kingdom. Cathy’s online shop offers beautiful abstract botanical digital prints and greeting cards for purchase. Here’s an great example of an artist making the shopping experience a fun time, even though it’s only online, there’s such variety of fantastic products to browse through over at Cathy’s Etsy shop.

Cathy Cornish Etsy Shop

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Żaneta Antosik Botanical Prints

I am a tremendous fan of Polish artist Żaneta Antosik and her beautiful artwork. She is an incredibly talented artist who specializes in creating breathtaking portraits and botanical illustrations, often adding botanical elements and details to her portraits making for some truly spectacular pieces. If you love her art as much as I do, be sure to check out her Etsy shop where you can purchase prints, postcards, and stickers of her work, you won’t be disappointed!

Żaneta Antosik Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Mia Whittemore Floral Art

Mia Whittemore is a talented artist and surface designer based in Massachusetts, United States. I adore her vintage-inspired floral art, which is characterized by its soft, dreamlike colors. Mia has a small online shop where you can purchase her beautiful floral art prints, so be sure to show your support for this independent artist. Whether you’re a fan of vintage style or just appreciate the beauty of flowers, you’re sure to find something to love in Mia’s work.

Mia Whittemore Etsy Shop

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Jocelyn Proust Designs

Jocelyn Proust is a delightful Australian designer that has a clean, graphic style and often uses bold colors. She has an online shop where she sells a range of products, including art prints and her popular tea towels featuring her signature floral patterns.

Jocelyn Proust Etsy Shop

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iamthia Print Shop

Iamthia is a small Etsy shop run by Cynthia, a talented designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Cynthia’s shop is a hidden gem worth discovering, offering unique and beautiful floral A6 art prints. Despite having only 9 sales so far it’s one of my favorites on this list with its lovely floral prints in light colors and a hand-drawn sketchy style.

Supporting a small independent creator and check out iamthia Etsy shop now!

iamthia Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Anni Betts Art Prints

Anni Betts is an illustrator who creates lively, colorful illustrations featuring an abundance of flowers. She sells cards and prints of her work in her online shop. One of her most popular series is the alphabet animals print series, which features illustrations of animals corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. This series is particularly beloved for its whimsy and creativity.

Anni Betts Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Abstractales shop by Maki Hasegawa

Maki Hasegawa is a Japanese painter and illustrator based in Milan, Italy. She creates stunning pieces using colored pencils, watercolors, and pastels. Her work features delightful characters, adorable animals, and gorgeous florals. Whether you’re a fan of her bright and cheerful style or just appreciate beautifully crafted art, Maki’s work is sure to delight and inspire you.

Abstractales Etsy Shop

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Monika Szczerbińska Etsy Shop

Monika Szczerbińska is a talented freelance illustrator from Poland with a warm and cozy art style. Her work is filled with warmth and features a variety of florals and botanical motifs. If you visit her Etsy shop, OchMonika, you’ll find a range of beautiful cards and prints featuring her art.

OchMonika Etsy Shop

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Yve Print Co Etsy Shop

Yve Print Co. is a print studio based in Bristol, UK that specializes in creating high-quality prints. Their Etsy shop offers a range of sustainable products, like art prints and cards. I especially love their Peony Print, it’s such a bold and colorful print.

YvePrintCo Etsy Shop

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Candice Gray Shop

Candice Gray, a print and textile designer based in Oxford, UK, is a true delight to discover. Her vibrant floral art created with gouache paint is a feast for the eyes. Each piece is a burst of colors and details that will bring a smile to your face.

Her Etsy shop is also a joy to explore, filled with beautiful botanical prints and wrapping paper that will make your heart sing. Her designs are perfect for adding a touch of happiness and beauty to your home or gifts.

Candice Gray Etsy Shop

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IliriArt Shop

IliriArt is an Etsy shop located in Spain that specializes in offering instant download printable floral art. It’s a great option of you have a printer at home and want to freshen up your walls and a fast and affordable way.

IliriArt Etsy Shop

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Megan Dignan Floral Prints

Last but not least on our list we have graphic designer Megan Dignan that will brighten up your day with her fabulous digital art. Based in Maryland, United States, Megan is fantastic at creating bold and vibrant designs that are sure to make an impact. Her specialty is in incorporating bright and happy floral patterns and typography that pops out the screen.

Megan Dignan Etsy Shop

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