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Illustration Agencies list – 46 Reps & Children’s illustration agencies

Illustration Agencies list – 46 Reps & Children’s illustration agencies

Looking for representation as an illustrator? Then you come to the right place. Here we’re going to list some of the biggest and best illustration agencies around the world. Pick and choose and send your applications to the agency that speaks to you.

We’re going to do a quick introduction to each illustration agency, links where to go next, and also info on where to submit your work for review to get represented.

Illustration Agencies list

Folio illustration agency

Folio agency established in London, 1976. It’s a large global agency with its main office in the UK. They currently represent over 50 illustrators, animators & artists.

If you’re looking to apply head over to their About page and read up what they’re looking in applications. Apply via the mail below, and include your portfolio and a few (low-res) examples of your work. But I suggest you check out Folio and their website first, to see what they’re all about.

garance logo

Garance illustration

Garance is an artist illustration agency located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Garance has large range of different illustration talent in their line up.

There’s no guidelines for artist submission on their website, their contact info is what’s available.

Inkling Illustration

Inkling Illustration

Inkling illustration is a UK-based agency that represents a diverse community of talented illustrators from around the world.

If you want to show them your work you can do so by completing their submission form found on their contact page (link below).

building logo


BUILDING is a Tokyo, Japan based illustration agency. BUILDING have as of now only rep Japanese illustrators. This agency represent a lot of fun and creative Graphic Artists. Their website isn’t 100% translated to English, so it can be difficult to navigate yourself if you’re not speaking the language.

good illustration agency logo

Good Illustration

Good illustration is a UK based agency that offer a range of different illustrations services with the help of their artists, children’s illustrations, lettering and even motion & sound.

You can find the submission guidelines for artists & illustrators over here. They’re looking for no more than 10 examples of your work, and a link to your portfolio.

2agenten logo


2agenten is a agency located in Berlin, German representing talented illustrators & animators. You can visit their website to have peek at what their artist’s portfolios. There’s no submission info for new artists, there’s an email you can use to reach 2agenten.

advocate-art logo

Advocate Art

Advocate Art is an illustration agency specializing in children‘s books, found in New York, London, Seville, Singapore, New York, and Los Angeles.

Beehive logo

Beehive Illustration Agency

Beehive Illustration Agency is representing over 150 artists from around the world. With over 30 years of experience, Beehive specializes in artwork for children’s books.

On their site they have a contact form where you can submit your work, they’re always looking for new submissions to join their ever-growing team of artists and illustrators.


Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding is a UK-based children’s book agency. They currently rep a bunch of amazingly talented illustrators in the children’s illustration industry.

You can head over to their submission page for more info on how artists can apply.

Tugeau 2 logo

Tugeau 2

Tugeau 2 agency reps children’s book illustrators from all over the world.

Make sure to read the info and follow their guidelines for artist to apply (found in the contact page).

phileasfoggagency logo

Phileas Fogg Agency

Phileas Fogg is an illustration agency based in Italy that reps illustrators, publishers and book projects.

For more info on how to apply visit their contact page.

alicewilliamsliterary logo

Alice Williams Literary

Alice Williams Literary is a children’s book agency based in London, UK started in 2018. Representing writers and illustrators for kids and young adults. On their site you can read that they take a commission of 15% on UK deals and 20% on deals outside of the UK.

To apply as an illustrator everything you need to know can be found on their submission page.

thebrightagency logo

The Bright Agency

Bright Agency started in children’s publishing but has no expanded beyond that and offers illustration and publishing services around the globe. It’s a large agency that currently reps a lot of talented artists.

If you want to show them your work you can do so by following the steps displayed on their submission page (link below).

Lemonade illustration agency

Lemonade illustration agency

Lemonade illustration agency is a global creative agency with offices around the world, London, Yorkshire, New York, and Sydney. It’s a extensive company that reps a lot of artists.

There’s an artist submission page on their website for all the info you need to apply to this agency.

Lindgren Smith Illustration Agency

Lindgren Smith Illustration Agency

New York-based Lindgren Smith Illustration Agency is next up, it’s a smaller agency. They are not actively looking for new artists, but you can always send them an email and try your luck.


Pickled ink

Next is UK based illustration agency, Pickled Ink. Representing talented illustrators and authors that you have a look at on their site. Their clientele are many and noteworthy. To submit your art they’re asking for 5 samples of work, more info can be found on the website.


MB artists

MB Artists has 62 children’s book illustrators under their umbrella, making it a massive agency in the kid lit world. They are as of writing not actively seeking new illustrators, but they’re always interested in seeing new work, so it’s worth a shot mailing them.

i2iart logo

i2i Art

i2i Art Inc is next on the list, a Canada based illustration agency that reps talented artists from the whole globe. If you’re looking to submit your work they got a email dedicated to that, all they want is a short intro to you and your work, and a link to a portfolio.

jennifer nelson artists

Jennifer Nelson Artists

Here we have a smaller agency that’s especially active in the surface design and home decor industries. Jennifer Nelson Artists haven’t got that much info on their website how you can apply.


Rapp Art illustration Agency

Next is US-based illustration agency, Rapp Art. Founded 70 years ago and repping almost 100 artists this is one of the bigger agencies on the list. They’re not actively looking for talent it seems, but it’s always worth giving it a shot if you think you’d make a great addition with your work.

Astound US

Astound US is a global agency with offices in New York City and London. Repping children’s illustrators and artists doing commercial art. There’s no submission info available so your best bet is their contact page.


Agent Molly & Co

Agent Molly & Co is Stockholm, Sweden based agency that’s been around since 2002. Representing artists and creators in a wide range of creative disciplines (photography, illustration, 3D/animation, paper art, prop & set design, stylists and food stylists).

There’s no submission info here either, but there’s a contact page with emails you could reach out too.

The Central Illustration Agency

The Central Illustration Agency

The Central illustration agency is a international agency working in commercial art and motion graphics. To apply head over to their submission guidelines and read up. They’re asking for 6 images of your work to get a better understanding of your art.


Anna Goodson illustration agency

The next illustration agency on the list is Anna Goodson agency, based in Canada they’re representing illustrators worldwide. There’s an email where you can send your representation request (found below), they’re asking for a few examples of your work (in low-resolution .jpg format).


Roar Illustration Agency

Roar was founded in 2018, and has since than amassed a fantastic group of artists that they represent. Roar Illustration Agency is located in London. On their contact page you can find everything you need to know on how to apply as an artist.

The Artworks Illustration Agency

The Artworks Illustration Agency

The Artworks Illustration Agency was founded in 1983, and now has offices in Kyoto, London and New York.

To apply for this agency send them an email (see below) with your website or 5-6 low-res images of your work, for the full into go to their About page.



Wildfoxrunning is an agency located in Frankfurt, Germany that specializes in illustration and photography. There’s no info to be found on how to apply to be represented by them, so your best bet is just to send them an email.

Illo Agency

Illo Agency

Next up is Illo Agency an illustration agency with a large library of interesting artists being represented by their team.

If you’re looking for representation you can send your portfolio to them via email.



Illozoo is a large illustration agency that has worked with many of the top brands. They rep so many talented artists that I already follow.

You can find all the info needed to submit your work for review on their website.


Cat Bird Agency

Next we have Cat Bird Agency a kidlit illustration & literary agency based in New York City.

There’s no info on how to apply or if they’re looking for artists. But your best bet is to have a look at their current artists and have a look, if you think you’d be a great addition I suggest you drop them an email.

agentpekka logo

Agent Pekka

Agent Pekka is a global agency that works with illustration, animation, and graphic design. With offices located in Helsinki, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York.

handsomefrank logo

Handsome Frank

Here we have UK-based illustration agency, Handsome Frank. They’re currently represent 37 illustrators from every corner of the world. To apply you can read their submissions guidelines (link below), they’re looking for 9 samples of your work to get a good understanding of your talents.

Synergy Art

Synergy Art

Synergy Art was founded in 2000 in London by Frances Wallace. It’s a medium sized agency that represent around 30 illustrators.

They’re open for submission from illustrators, just follow the link below to read everything you need to know.

owlillustration logo

Owl Agency

OWL Illustration Agency is next on our list. An agency based in Slovakia, connecting illustrators and clients in Europe.

There’s a contact form on their website for artists to submit their work for review.

António Adrião Artist Representative

António Adrião Artist Representative

For 42 years António Adrião has been running António Adrião Artist Representative, helping illustrators, photographer and animators to connect with clients around the globe.

There’s no info available how to get representation or how to get your work reviewed.

Artistique International

Artistique International

Artistique International (IQ) is a global agency with offices in London, Madrid, Manhattan, Marbella, and Singapore. It’s a larger illustration agency representing over 50 artists.

All the info on how to submit your work to get representation can be found on their About page.

jellylondon logo

Jelly London

Jelly is an artist management agency based in London and New York. It’s reputable agency with 15 years of experience and a impressive list of past clients.

You can read more how to get them to represent you and your work in their “Futures” page, or contact them via the email below.


Magnet Reps

Magnet reps is a smaller global illustration agency that represent a handful of talented artists. You can find their “Artists Submission Guidelines” over at their contact page, there you’ll find all the info needed.


Meiklejohn has been representing illustrators for over 45 years, and are currently repping around 40 artists worldwide. Their client list has grown into something quite impressive over the years.

They are always looking for work to review from new artists, you’ll find all the info needed in the link below.

Mendola Artist

Mendola Artist

Next is United States-based illustration agency Mendola Artists. Founded in 1960 they have worked together with hundreds of artists over their long history.

If you want Mendola Artists to represent you they have a lovely page filled with all the info on how to get represented by them, and any other questions you might have.


Salzman International

Next on our list is Richard Salzman ​Artists’ Representative. It’s a smaller agency based in the USA, that’s been around for over 30 years.


Agency Rush

Agency Rush is a illustration agency that works globally with handful of talented artists. They operate from their offices in Brighton and New York.

To submit your work for review you can send up to 6 images of your work or a link to your portfolio to the email found below. (and as always when submitting your work, make the images low-res and small in size)

JSR Agency

JSR Agency is a London-based creative artists management that represent photographers, illustrators and animators, with around 50 creatives being represented this is one of the larger agencies on the list.

On their contact page you can find all the info needed to apply to get represented by their agency.

Richard Solomon logo

Richard Solomon

New York-based Richard Solomon Artists Representative was founded in 1981 and is a one-man agency with over 60 illustrators currently being represented.

For artists submissions you can use the email below to get in touch with this agency.



IllustrationX is a huge agency with eight offices around the world, with an artist library that’s hard to match.

Head over to their Artist Application page for full guidelines on what your next step should be if your looking for representation.


NB Illustration

UK-based agency NB Illustration was founded in 2000, and is a smaller agency that represent illustrators in a range of different styles.

If you want to apply, all info needed is on their Contact page found on their website.


Morgan Gaynin

Morgan Gaynin Inc. is a global illustration agency representing a handful talent illustrators working both in the commercial and children’s books world.

If you want to apply to get representation you can send 2-3 samples of your work to the email found below (in .JPEG format).

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