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38 Artist Etsy shops selling “Must-Have” Art Prints – Hidden gems of Etsy

38 Artist Etsy shops selling “Must-Have” Art Prints – Hidden gems of Etsy

In this list, we’ll be featuring the hidden artist shops of Etsy where you can find spectacular art prints from artists around the world. We’ll be featuring established print shops and also smaller artists with wonderful prints up for sale. Just click any thumbnail below to explore all the print shops.

Etsy is a fantastic place to find unique art prints and at the same time support independent artists, almost all the money goes directly to the artist (Etsy takes a small cut) which is great, especially considering that most shops are only a one-person operation, and it also helps to keep the cost of prints down, when there’s no greedy middle-man it’s possible to make a fair deal for everyone.

Etsy prints shops

This guide contains affiliate links, buying anything through these links will earn Creativehowl a small commission.

Click any images to check out the print shops

Linn Warme Etsy print shop

Linn Warme is a Swedish pattern designer and illustrator that creates wonderful prints inspired by nature and all its little creatures. Her art always have a great sense of detail and you can see that she’s a pattern designer because the patterns are always present in her work.

Head over to her Etsy to buy her art prints and support the artist behind the work directly.

Linn Warme Etsy shop

Essi Kimpimäki Etsy print shop

Essi Kimpimäki is a Finish illustrator living in Scotland that we featured plenty of times before on the site, her work has these lovely color combinations with a handmade feeling throughout her work that I really appreciate.

In her Etsy shop you’ll find a large variety of products, illustrations as A3 & A4 prints, greeting cards and a few handmade screen printed works.

Essi Kimpimäki Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Essi Kimpimäki etsy

Paperboat store

These whimsical and dreamy illustrations are made by Israeli artist Lior Katzir. Prints perfectly suited for the walls in a toddler or kid’s room with these imaginative creatures. You can find a large selection of art prints in a range of different sizes in Marcin’s Etsy shop “Paper boat store”.

Paperboat Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

paperboatstore etsy

Susanna Rumiz Print shop

Italy based illustrator Susanna Rumiz makes these colorful prints, full of motion and often inspired by movies and pop culture. I especially love her Stranger Things fan art that you also can find in her shop, The scoops troop! Apart from prints she also sell stickers and other handmade home decors, it’s a small shop but defiantly worth to stop by!

Susanna Rumiz Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Susanna Rumiz etsy shop

Maya Doyle illustrations

Maya Doyle is an Brazilian/English illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Dreamlike portraits of women filled with patterns and details. The shop has great selection of prints, but also stickers, pins, post cards and a bunch of other fun stuff to browse through.

Maya Doyle Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Maya Doyle etsy shop

Matt Schumacher Illustrated Art Prints

Matt Schumacher’s Etsy shop has a great amount of prints to choose from, I especially love Matt’s drawings of houses and house landscapes, thick dark lines and tone downed colors makes for some really dramatic and atmospheric illustrations. With such a large selection of fantastic prints it’s a shame that he hasn’t more sales, this shop truly is a hidden gem in my book, so if you enjoy Matt Schumacher’s art style defiantly check out his shop!

Matt Schumacher Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Matt Schumacher etsy shop

Gemma Gould illustrated shop

Gemma Gould is an illustrator and graphic designer with a new small shop on Etsy. Her fox print “Sky Blue” is a reason enough to feature her on this list! As of writing the shop is on a break, but hopefully not too long. Check out Gemma’s shop for more of her narrative and imaginative drawings.

Gemma Gould Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Gemma Gould etsy shop

LayerLunar Illustrated & designed print goodies

I love a shop where it feels like the artist behind it is having fun making their prints and products, and Leya Luna’s Etsy shop feels just like that. It’s a small shop but the products are great, with a mixture of prints, stickers and pins. Her Ghost Woods RISO Print is also just adorable and can be picked up for just a few $$ over at her Etsy.

Layerluna Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

layerluna etsy shop

Kelsey Buzzell wall art prints

Kelsey Buzzell is an illustrator and designer from the USA with a fantastic print shop on Etsy. I find her animal pattern print absolutely adorable, there’s plenty of animals to choose from in her patterns that all follow a similar color palette  and Kelsey’s art style, I could only imagine how great these art prints would look together on a wall.

Apart from art prints you’ll also find stickers and postcards in her shop.

Kelsey Buzzell Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Kelsey Buzzell animal prints shop

Illustrations & prints by Iris van den Akker

Iris van den Akker is a Dutch illustrator that I featured plenty of times before on Creativehowl, her expressive characters and portraits is a favorite of mine. Her Etsy shop isn’t the biggest around but it’s a hidden gem for sure.

Iris’s illustration “Outgrown” is one of her prints that I especially adore, check it out in her shop where it’s available as a A3 art print.

Iris van den Akker Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Iris van den Akker etsy shop

Marie Muravski Etsy Shop

Marie Muravski is a Russian illustrator that creates these dreamlike scenarios in her very distinct and expressive style. Toned down color choices and detailed art works.

The Etsy shop has many of her illustrations available as giclée print and posters.

Marie Muravski Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Marie Muravski etsy shop

Ilaria Ranauro Cute illustration prints

The Italian illustrator Ilaria Ranauro has one of the bigger shop here on this list. Ilaria has cute and colorful art style that really puts a smile on your face.

Browsing through her shop is a real treat just because there’s so much to discover, there’s stickers, books, pins and even a few of her original drawings up for sale which I find really cool.

Ilaria Ranauro Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Ilaria Ranauro etsy shop

Toscana banana

Behind the shop Toscanabanana we find the Dutch artist Tosca van der Weerden. A colorful print shop with fun and expressive illustrations to explore, where you’ll also find a handful of stickers and t-shirt with Tosca’s art on em.

Toscanabanana Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Toscanabanana etsy prints

Joanne Ho Etsy shop helobirdie

The Etsy shop HeloBirdie is run by the New Zealand artist Joanne Ho. It’s a massive shop with over 100+ prints to choose from, and over 2000+ sales (as of writing this list). Buildings, landscape and views painted in gouache in Joanne Ho’s distinctive style.

There’s also a selection of original gouache painting for sale, which is fantastic to have as an option to prints. There’s also a large library of iphone cases to browse through.

Helobirdie Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Joanne Ho print shop

Eliott Bulpett Illustrations

Eliott Bulpett is an UK illustrator with a bright fun shop with illustrated products. There’s a collection of animal prints in happy colors that I absolutely adore. If you’re looking for other things then prints there’s a bunch of other handmade items up for sale in Eliott’s shop.

Eliott Bulpett Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Eliott Bulpett etsy shop

Marcy Day illustrations

Marcy Day is an illustrator from United States. In her Etsy shop you can find (among many things) a collection of illustration from her travels around the world, colorful prints with a great sensation of adventure to them.

You can also find greeting cards with her illustration in her online store, which actually works perfectly to hang on your wall as small prints.

Marcy Day Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Emma Jayne Etsy

Emma Jayne is a UK based freelance illustrator with a shop full of colourful and whimsical drawings. She incorporates little textures and patterns in her images that creates a fun collage feeling to her work.
Browsing her Etsy shop you can find prints with little scenes of animals or sea creatures in a variety of different sizes and formats.

Emma Jayne Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Emma Jayne etsy shop

Raahat Kaduji illustrations

Raahat Kaduji is a British illustrator with a great Etsy shop filled with prints in her very own cozy art style. Here you’ll find animal drawings and illustrations of landscapes covered in lush forest nature. As a Swede I really enjoy her “Nordic Cabin Art” print, it really captured the cosiness of the dark dense forests we have in the Nordic countries.

Raahat Kaduji Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

RaahatIllustration etsy shop

Helen Bucher art prints

With 1300+ sales Swiss illustrator Helen Bucher has quite the online shop going for her. Here you’ll find printed goodies drawn in Helen’s super cute art style with a lot of it inspiration taken from movies like Harry Potter, Frost, Sailor Moon and other pop culture references.

I can barely imagine anything cuter then her illustration of Pikachu laying down hugging a leaf, that image long is worth paying her shop a visit.

Helen Bucher Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

HelenBucher etsy shop

Miren Asiain Lora’s Etsy

Spanish artist and illustrator Miren Asiain Lora has shop with a mix of high quality giclée prints and original artwork. Her pictures often have a surreal element to them that makes them feel very mysterious and hazy which I really enjoy.

Miren Asiain Lora Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Miren Asiain Lora etsy shop

Sophie McPike shop

Australian illustrator Sophie McPike has one of the more established shops on this list with around 4500+ sales on her Etsy. No small feat and if you take a look at her work you can see why people are loving her prints. At the moment there’s a focus on Enamel Pins in her shop but there’s always a handful of prints to check out (and original artwork if you’re lucky).

Sophie McPike Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

SophieMcPike etsy shop

Miranda Sofroniou illustrations

Miranda Sofroniou is a British Illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is deeply inspired by nature and all the creatures in it. Lush illustrations with a lovely hand drawn feeling to them. Also if your interested in a commissioning her for a custom art work that’s also an option she offers.

Miranda Sofroniou Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

MirandaSofroniou etsy shop

Freya Hartas Etsy shop

Freya Hartas is a UK based illustrator specialising in children’s books that has an imaginative and whimsical shop on Etsy. Her prints are full of life and feels like they’re snapshots from a book or a fairytale that really feeds your imagination. Her prints are great for a children’s room with art prints that will get kids mind going.

Freya’s art can be found in A4 size and some are also available as A3 prints.

Freya Hartas Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Freya Hartas Shop

Ragon Dickard illustrations

Ragon Dickard is a freelance artist from United States with a lovely shop that absolutely radiates her unique style. You’ll find her prints to be filled with bold and bright colors and a lot of fun details and patterned areas to explore.

There’s also original art by Ragon which I always find so much fun to browse through. From time to time you can also order custom portraits in her shop, but you got to be fast if you want to order that because the spots are limited and it’s nothing she does all the time.

Ragon Dickard Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Ragon Dickard etsy shop

Samantha Mash Illustrated Merchandise

Samantha Mash is an illustrator from United States with a shop on Etsy since on since 2012, with over 5500+ sales.

The shop feature a collection of mini prints in 5 x 7″ format, and if you’re interesting in something ells than prints there’s a lot of stickers and pins with Samantha’s art.

Samantha Mash Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

samanthamash art shop

Ghostpuff prints Etsy shop

Behind the Etsy shop Ghostpuff we have artist Monа K, here you’ll find prints and stickers drawn in Mona’s adorable style, her use of colored pencil and warm colors gives her drawing this cozy feeling.

Her “Cozy bath” tea illustration is my absolute favorite of her, it really captures the feeling of enjoying a big cup of tea in a wonderfully quirky way.

Ghostpuff Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

ghostpuff etsy shop

Lize Meddings illustration

Lize Meddings Etsy shop has been around all the ways since 2013 selling quality prints and a few original paintings. Her gouache painting are absolutely popping with color, often displaying some kind of symbolism and it feels like the story behind the drawings are just ongoing in the background.

Lize Meddings Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Lize Meddings etsy shop

Nellie Le art & illustration

The artist behind the shop “Hey Nelliele” is Nellie Le who’s based in Los Angeles. Nellie creates these super cute cat illustrations in a lovely variation in the most creative ways, for example how about cat in a burrito? Why not! My favorite of the cat ones is her “Tiger stretch” print, it’s such a adorable drawing with such a delightful expression on the tiger’s face.

Nellie Le Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Nellie Le etsy shop

Alana Keenan Illustrated shop

Our next Etsy shop is “Antirhythmus” with the German/Irish illustrator Alana Keenan behind all the work. Fun prints and greeting cards of animals and other things, it’s like having a peek into Alana’s sketchbook and being able to buy any of the drawings for yourself.

Her detailed octopus art print really stands out for me, she perfectly captured the characteristics of that octopus.

Alana Keenan Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Kelsey Oseid illustrations

Kelsey Osei’s Etsy shop Kelzuki really stands out from this list, it’s a print shop with wonderful concept where you can find vintage inspired science poster of different animals and species. All the prints come in different themes and the names of each animal is always included in the bottom which is such a great detail. I especially adore the prints that features birds, which there are a couple of ones of.

These prints would do perfectly in a nursery, kids room or as a great gift for anyone interested in the animal world.

Kelsey Oseid Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Kelsey Oseid animal prints

Jeremy Miranda’s Etsy

Jeremy Miranda is a painter from the United States that turned some of his painting in stunning art prints. Realistic work in acrylic mixed with surreal details that makes for some really interesting imagery.

Buying prints of painting is a affordable way to have original art on your walls, it’s of course not the same as having a real painting but it’s great option.

Jeremy Miranda Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Jeremy Miranda painting prints

Kim Smith illustrations

Next we have Canadian illustrator Kim Smith and her Etsy shop, “Kim Illustration“. Kim creates creative nature landscapes and scenarios with all its creatures. Looking at her prints you can tell Kim Smith is used to making pictures full of life, movement and stories from her many published books for children.

Kim Smith Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

KimIllustration print shop

Naomi Batts illustrations

Naomi Batts is a British illustrator and embroidery artist with a lovely little gem of an online store.

Naomi’s “Orange Tiger” print is one of my absolute favourites on this whole list, a adorable sausage shaped tiger full of handmade details and gorgeous color choices.

Naomi Batts Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

NaomiBatts prints etsy shop

Sonia Lazo Etsy shop

Next, we have artist Sonia Lazio from El Salvador with them’s Etsy shop. In Sonia’s illustrations, we can see women being portrayed in strong bold colors often with symbolism and stories being told inside the art.

Reading some of Sonia’s reviews it can take some time for prints to ship (depending on where you live) but that people are always tremendously happy when it arrives. Sonia’s Instagram is also something I greatly recommend!

Sonia Lazo Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Sonia Lazo etsy prints

Triangletrees by Gillian Wilson

Triangletrees is an Etsy shop run by the Canadian illustrator Gillian Wilson. She makes her prints using limited color palettes that make her illustrations bold and striking.
Considering she has screen printed all her wares herself in her home studio, I think she offers her handmade products at bargain prices, so be sure to visit her shop if you want something handmade hanging on your walls.

Gillian Wilson Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Gillian Wilson prints etsy

Tigersheep Friends by Sarah & Colin Walsh

Tigersheep Friends is created by the illustration duo Sarah & Colin Walsh from Missouri, United States, a creative couple that works together in their Etsy shop creating fun illustrations and imaginative products. Their work would be a colorful addition to any space with their quirky tigers, unicorns and other printed animals.

Tigersheep Friends Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Geninne D Zlatkis Etsy shop

Next up is the artist Geninne D Zlatkis who’s living in New Mexico, USA. She likes to work with a variety of mediums, but watercolor is always the favorite. She sells both original watercolors and prints in her Etsy shop. The motifs are mostly colorful birds and some other animals and nature to mix it up.
I especially like her take on re-creating classical paintings such as the American Gothic and the Mona Lisa but with birds instead of humans.

Geninne's Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Geninne bird illustrations etsy shop

HalberMensch Shop by Anna Shepeta

Anna Shepeta is the creator behind the Etsy Halber Mensch Shop. She is a Russian illustrator and ceramist. Her drawings are inspired by fairy tales and folk-tales, often with a woman in the lead. The color scheme manages to be both light pastels and darker themes, muted tones at the same time creating her signature mystical vibe.

HalberMenschShop on Etsy

(affiliate link)

HalberMenschShop etsy

Marcin Wolski illustrations

Marcin Wolski is a polish graphic designer and illustrator that creates these atmospheric landscapes and scenarios. His work often has a feeling as if they’re taken from a scene in a movie or a captured moment from everyday life.

Check out his Etsy shop to buy his illustrations as prints.

Marcin Wolski Etsy shop

(affiliate link)


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