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32 Artists & Illustrators to Buy Stickers from – Best Sticker Shops

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32 Artists & Illustrators to Buy Stickers from – Best Sticker Shops

Finding great stickers is no easy task, but to make it easy for you I created a list of my favorite artists, illustrators, and creators that makes and sell stickers online. Buying stickers directly from artists is a great way to support their work with every single purchase.

Click any image below or start browsing through our sticker collection.

Are we missing any sticker artist you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your suggestions.

Buy stickers from artists & illustrators

This post includes affiliate links, if you make any purchases through some of the links on the page Creativehowl will earn a commission.

Click any image to check out the sticker shop.

Support artists & creators directly with every purchase.

Want to order your own Stickers?

If you’re looking to print your own stickers there’s plenty of options out there. You can check out Sticker Mule and take a look at their vinyl and holographic stickers. Also if you use my referral link below you can get $10 off your first purchase.

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Odsanyu Etsy shop by Sanja Stiković

Odsanyu etsy shop is a wonderful place to find cute stickers by the Slovenian illustrator Sanja Stiković. Here you can find stickers with her adorable creatures from her imaginary world.

I especially adore the glossy holographic sticker, which she have a few off, including the shiny mushroom sticker! You can find her on Etsy and there’s a lot of other illustrated goods in Sanja’s shop with regular shop updates so there’s always something new to get your hands on.

Odsanyu Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Gremren Etsy shop by Renata Paton

Behind the Etsy shop Gremren we have Australian illustrator Renata Paton. Here you can find her colourful imaginative animal stickers drawn in her expressive and fun style.

If you love Renata’s art style like I do there so much more then stickers to discover in her shop, I highly recommend it. If you decide to order from Renata Paton keep in mind that the orders will be shipped from Australia, and depending where you are in the world you need to be ready for longer then usually shipping time.

Gremren Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Stickers by Kelly Nichols

Kelly Nichols from Pennsylvania, United States is an illustrator & designer with a colorful and fun shop filled with prints, patches and absolutely packed with fun stickers to choose from, everything in Kelly’s bright color scheme and wonderful art style.

One of my favorites in the shop is her “Real fresh” orange sticker, it’s total cuteness overload with some fantastic colors, what’s not to love. You can find Kelly Nichols with all her creatures and creations on Etsy.

Kidnichols Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

MeggiesMagicShed by Meggie Johnson

Meggie Johnson is a British illustrator with a lovely Etsy shop with her illustrations on art prints, postcards and of course a smaller selection of stickers with her character illustrations, perfect for your bullet journal or to stick it on your laptop, planners or anywhere to make it 100% more fun.

Meggie’s “local artiste lemon” is a fantastic prismatic sticker that’s hard not to love.

Meggie Johnson's Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Scatterbee by Alexandra Finkeldey

Here we have artist Alexandra Finkeldey and her Etsy shop Scatterbee, based in Ottawa, Canada. She got some great hand-drawn illustrations of animals made to stickers, like her “Cat Therapy” sticker shown here, with a big ol’ cat getting a hug is just so cute.

Scatterbee Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Stickers by Johanna Springer

Johanna Springer is one of my favorite illustrators around and I have a hard time not including her art in my guides! So here goes again, the German illustrator Johanna Springer has a small shop on her website with a modest section of beautiful round stickers with her illustrations.

I’d suggest also checking out her prints if you enjoy her art style as much as I do.

Linn Warme stickers

Linn Warme is a Swedish pattern designer and illustrator. She creates gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations filled with details and patterns, often inspired by the forest and the creatures that call it their home.

She sell stickers with her art on over at Society6, and each purchase on Society6 supports the artist directly.

Linn Warme on Society6

(affiliate link)

Stickers by Mike Koubou

Mike Koubou is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer from Athens, Greece. His detailed animal-human hybrids illustrations work great as stickers art. The polar bear sailor is a perfect example of Mike Koubou’s skill and effort he puts into his work.

You can find Mike’s sticker over at Design by humans.

Mike Koubou on DesignbyHumans

(affiliate link)

SeekPrints by Liina Lember

Illustrator Liina Lember has a Etsy shop with cute animal stickers drawn in her sweet art style. Apart from stickers you can check out plenty of other products made by Liina, like prints, cushions and greeting cards, the mix of different items makes it fun to explore.

SeekPrints on Etsy

(affiliate link)

Heidiroo by Heidi Moreno

Heidi Moreno has a fantastic sticker shop on her website where you can buy directly from the artist. There’s so much to choose from here, it’s a sticker-lovers dream for sure. (over 30 stickers right now). Hand-drawn characters and adorable animals in Heidi Moreno amazing drawing style.

And don’t miss out check out some of her special stickers, like her Cosmic Kitties Rainbow Window Sticker, you put this clear window decal on your window and when the sun lights through it, it creates a rainbow (!)

Ashley Nicole DeLeon Shop

Freelance illustrator & comic artist, Ashley Nicole DeLeon has a fantastic shop that’s bubbling with creativity, here you find notebooks, prints and a few stickers you’d want to get your hands on.

Ashley has also been feature before here on Creativehowl when she talked about the inspiration behind her “Horserider” illustration (find it here).

You can find Ashley’s stickers and her shop over on her website, a whopping opportunity to support the artist behind the work directly.

LayerLunar Etsy shop

Illustrator Leya Luna from Zurich, Switzerland is next up with her Etsy shop packed with her creations.

My favorite of Leya Luna’s items is for sure here Spacedog Holographic Sticker, there’s something about holographic stickers that makes my brain just want it, it’s like holo Pokémon cards from when you were a kid. And the illustrations is also so cute of course!

LayerLunar Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Bloomsbury Nook

Charlotte over at Bloomsbury Nook has a few stickers you can check out, like her Hibernating Bear Sticker shown here, such a fun concept and lovely illustration, “Stay away! I’m Hibernating!”

Like many many of the shops on this list Bloomsbury Nook ships worldwide.

Bloomsbury Nook Shop

Puffygator shop

Nana Key aka Puffygator is a Wildlife Artist that creates these adorable detailed animal illustrations overloaded with florals and a dreamy shimmer. Over at Nana Key’s own shop you can see some of her work as shiny stickers, cute tigers and foxes made into stickers.

Puffygator stickers

Thistle Be Nice by Sophie McPike

Melbourne based artist Sophie McPike is quite the veteran on Etsy with over 500 sales and opened since 2011 on the platform. And the shop itself is quite the treat to browse through, packed with a huge range of products and prints. The sticker section won’t disappoint you, here’s plenty of illustrations made by Sophie made into stickers.

Her collection with shy floral ladies are super cute and my personal favorite stickers over at Thistle Be Nice.

Thistle Be Nice on Etsy

(affiliate link)

Evepaints Etsy

Evepaints is a London based illustrator with a newly opened Etsy shop worth checking out. Here you find sticker art with Evepaint’s animal characters that’s filled with cuteness, charisma, fantasy and a dash of stardust.

If you ask me it’s important to support artists and illustrators that recently started their creative journey, so go check out Evepaints on Etsy!

Evepaints on Etsy

(affiliate link)

RaahatIllustration by Raahat Kaduji

Up next we have British illustrator Raahat Kaduji and her cozy Etsy shop Raahat Illustration.

Raaha’s illustrations feels like they’re taken from some charming children’s book, cute animal characters turned into glossy vinyl stickers.

RaahatIllustration on Etsy

(affiliate link)

Sara Sarhangpour shop

Toronto-based illustrator Sara Sarhangpour has a great shop over on her website, adorable prints, patches and stickers to check out.

Her Old Timey Frog stickers are just too cute if you ask me. And also make sure to check out her sticker pack with characters from the tv show Community, also adorable!

Stickers by Sara Sarhangpour

2Bmcr Etsy shop by Sarah & Elsa

The Etsy shop 2Bmcr are the creation of the two sisters Sarah Hingley & Elsa Hingley-Knight from Manchester, UK. It’s an absolutely jam-packed shop with over 100 items to browse through. The stickers are few but those they have in stock are shimmery and lovely.

Their lemon sticker with “How to not be bitter” is just superb! Such a treat of a concept!

2bmcr on Etsy

(affiliate link)

Coco Glez sticker packs

Spanish illustrator Coco Glez has her shop open up over at her own website, where you can check out her lovely vinyl stickers and charming sticker sets. Her illustrations are always super cute in happy colors and often inspired by pop culture.

There’s also a bunch of K-pop stickers, where Coco have made cute illustrations of K-pop artists. Perfect for any fan of these Korean artists.

Coco Glez Sticker shop

Mai-accents stickers

Creator and ceramic artist Marzia Kjellberg is the person behind Mai accents, where she mostly sell cute ceramic creations but there’s also a pins and stickers for sale over on her website. Adorable sticker packs like the Party set or the Feelings sticker pack.

Mai-accents stickers

Sophie Corrigan stickers

Sophie Corrigan is a British illustrator & author with a huge Etsy shop with over 400 items, but if you’re looking for stickers you won’t find any there, instead head over to Design by humans to find her punny illustrations turned into sticky stickers. With over 70 stickers to choose from her Designbyhumans shop is a goldmine for any sticker-enthusiast!

Sophie Corrigan on DesignbyHumans

(affiliate link)


Faunwood is the creation of illustrator Miranda Zimmerman. You can find some of her creatures made into stickers over on her own shop. Check the shop out and support the artist behind the sticker directly.

faunwood shop

Birdie Tam Shop by Roberta Tam

Roberta Tam is an illustrator based in Malmö, Sweden with a cute shop of her own. One of my favourites is her sticker sheets with North American & European songbirds, drawn in her endearing art style.

She even have a monthly subscription with a new sticker sheet with her art every month. Great for anyone who loves her art style and can’t get enough of her stickers!

Birdie Tam Shop

Ilariapops shop by Ilaria Ranauro

Next we have, Ilaria Ranaurois a Italian Illustrator based in Berlin. You can find Ilaria’s shop over on Etsy, and this is one of those shop you can lose hours on just browsing through all the fantastic creations that’s up for sale, and if you love stickers you won’t be disappointed, the sticker section is also packed.

There’s just so many stickers to choose from here, how about a Glam rock cat, a dog Astronaut, Caticorn or  a bunch of Animal Crossing stickers, just to name a few!

ilariapops Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Tansy Moore’s Vinyl Stickers

British illustrator Tansy Moore make gorgeous wildlife and nature art, which she sells over on her Etsy shop. Taking these highly detailed and marvellous illustrations and turning them into stickers works so well.

Her (life-size) garden snail sticker is like most of her work done originally with watercolour and gouache, and that hand-made feeling works great once turned into a vinyl sticker.

Tansy Moore Etsy shop

(affiliate link)

Marggalkina by Rita Gould

Russian illustrator Rita Gould creates these detailed watercolour art with themes from nature. Over on Etsy she has a huge selection of stickers to choose from. She has these amazing moths, beetles and insects illustrations made into stickers. And if you’re not into bugs there’s so many lovely floral stickers (made originally in watercolour) to choose from.

Marggalkina Etsy by Rita Gould

(affiliate link)

Panty Cat by Victoria Llama

Victoria Llama is an illustrator based in Northern California, USA. Over on her website, you can find her shop with her fun cat character made into vinyl stickers. There’s plenty to choose from with individual sticker or whole sheets based on different themes.

Panty Cat Shop

Nellie Le Sticker shop

Nellie Le is an illustrator & artist based in Los Angeles, USA. Nellie Lee creates her art mostly with gouache and sometimes watercolor. My favourite stickers of her is for sure the Kid Tiger Sticker, it’s so cute and makes perfect as a glossy vinyl sticker.

Nellie Le Sticker shop

Sara McCracken’s Sara and Groot shop

Artists & illustrator Sara McCracken Etsy shop has a crazy amount of stickers to check out, Sara doesn’t mess around when it comes to stickers! Over in the shop you can find cute sticker packs and even a few waterproof stickers.

My fav is the Skullberries stickers, the perfect mix of cute and badass if you ask me.

Saraandgroot Etsy Shop

(affiliate link)

Lois de Silva sticker shop

Berlin-based illustrator & comic artist Lois Dolores de Silva has a great shop over at Etsy. In the sticker section of the shop, you can find her cute horse, cat and Shiba illustrations as stickers. There’s also a few holographic stickers to get your hands on, a personal favourite, I love that effect on my stickers!

Lois de Silva on Etsy

(affiliate link)

Stickers by Joel Robinson (obinsun)

Joel Robinson or Obinsun is illustrator from Salem, United States got a bunch of funny stickers up on his Design by humans shop. Fair warning the shop contains a high amount of puns and dad jokes, so if that’s not your thing, beware!

obinsun on DesignbyHumans

(affiliate link)

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