Dog Inspiration

by Johana Kroft

I was thinking about -why I just love to draw dogs. And then it hit me. I’ve always had dogs in my life. So when my teacher in nursery school asked me to draw something, I drew a dog! After university I was a little bit lost and desperately wanted to be cool, so my biggest inspiration was Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a great medium to find something. But the biggest inspiration must be something more. And so, the source of my inspiration is my best friend, PandaDog. I met her 4 years ago completely accidentally. I had just started dating a guy Maxim, (now my husband) and I saw this little puppy on Facebook. I told Maxim that it had always been my dream to have a dog and he replied; ‘‘so, why not? It’d be fun to have a dog together, no big deal!‘‘

Well, it turned out to be was a big deal because I couldn’t stop drawing her, in different stories and styles. I love doing something that brings me joy in my free time. Another inspiration is definitely traveling. Two years ago we decided to move from Prague to London and it was the best decision we‘ve ever made. London is jam-packed full of inspiration, not to mention a great base for traveling very easily and cheaply around Europe. AND, OF COURSE, Designs Festivals! It’s so important! There are just so many great conferences that you need to see! It’s always the biggest pleasure to meet people who share my passion.

And last, but not least, I draw great inspiration from books and history, particularly people around the Bauhaus movement. Paul Klee is one of my favorite artists and  Picasso, of course. Did you know that he drew dogs in almost every painting? His life was full of dogs, just like mine haha!

It’s critical that you find your own inspiration. It could be something simple, it could be something deeper, but without a doubt, it has to be something that comes from inside!

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