Golden Slumber

by Weitong Mai

I was inspired by The Beatles’ song “Golden Slumber” and created the illustrations with the same title.

In my point of view, illustration is the bridge that connects you and the whole world. You can express your own feeling, ideas, uncontrollable imaginations, and stories through art. The process of finding your own voice requires a long time to stay alone, and keep practising drawing skills. It’s important to truly understand yourself as a freelance illustrator, to understand what you want to show to the world, and the most suitable way to deliver the ideas. As an illustrator, you need to absorb different culture, knowledge, your own living experiences, and other artists’ works. And then transfer it to your own voice.

It is important to enjoy being alone and enjoy finding the inner spirit of yourself. The deeper you dig, the further you go. I am like a lonely pianist in the dead of night, with only pigeon listeners. Performing my own songs as “Golden Slumber” goes:” You’re gonna carry that weight. Carry that weight a long time.”

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