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13 places online to Promote your Art as a Women Illustrator & Artist

13 places online to Promote your Art as a Women Illustrator & Artist

In this guide, I’ll show you online communities, organizations, and Instagram pages that offer opportunities for women illustrators, artists, and animators to show their work to a broader audience.

Getting your creative work out there isn’t always an easy task but hopefully, this guide will help women creators to promote their creative work online.


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Promote your work for women artists

More opportunities

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to promote your creative work I suggest you check out my other guide here on Creativehowl where I list 70 blogs, sites, and online publications where you can get your work featured.

Women of Illustration

Women of Illustration is a community devoted to empower women creators through their Instagram and The Women of Illustration Podcast.

Dina Rodriguez founded this community in 2018 and it has grown immensely since the start, with over 590,000 followers on Instagram and their Podcast going strong.

You can support Women of Illustration on Patreon, and on their $20/month tier, you get a feature on their Instagram every month. Each month they feature a lot of creators and their Instagram posts a lot so it’s hard to know if it’s going to be worth the money.
womenofillustration logo

Women Who Draw

Next up we have an open directory for women illustrators, Women Who Draw. This is a massive directory with 1000s of women artists featured making it a fantastic resource for anyone looking for talented women creatives.

The directory is open for all women illustrators to join, all you have to do is follow the instructions found here.


Panimation is another directory for women & non-binary artists working with animation and motion graphics. It’s a fantastic directory to browse through, every participant have created their own animated interpretation of the Panimation logo, it’s a real treat looking through all this creativity.

Apply by heading over to Panimation and follow the instructions, it’s not required to create your own featured images of the Panimation logo but it is recommended so people can get a taste of your style and skill.
panimation logo

Creative Lady Directory

Creative lady directory is a large directory of hundreds of women creators in different creative fields like design, art, photography, writing and much more.

You can apply to be a part of the directory here, keep in mind there’s a one-time fee of $48 to join.

Feminist Sticker Club

Feminist Sticker Club is a monthly sticker subscription service, with stickers featuring feminist themes. 10% of their profits are also donated directly to feminist causes.

The sticker club is open for submission found here. Just make sure you read up on their terms and conditions before submitting your art.
Feminist Sticker Club

Girls Are Awesome

Girls are Awesome is a brand and community that works towards gender equality. There’s a form you can fill out if you want to contribute and possibly get a feature on their platform.

You can find the form and everything you need to know here.

Instagram Pages featuring women creators

Pages on Instagram dedicated to showing art, design & other creation from women creators. Majority of pages are open for submissions from women creators.

womenofillustration logo


As mentioned above Women of Illustrations has Instagram page with a large following. For a chance to be featured you can use #womenofillustration on your work on Instagram.

Alternatively you can support them on Patreon to get a guaranteed feature each month.

womenofillustration instagram
girlsmakingmagic logo


Girls making magic is a Instagram page devoted to showcasing women illustrators, designers and artists. They also occasionally share in their stories opportunities around the internet for women artists to participate in.

Use their hashtag #girlsmakingmagic or tag them in your posts for a chance to get featured. Or for a better chance to get shown participate in their #makingmagicmondays challenges that are usually up every Sunday, give them a follow to get notified with the latest challenge.

girlsmakingmagic instagram
womenwithpencils logo


Women with pencils is an art and illustration page that show amazing women art from around the world.

As of now there’s no way to submit your work for a possible feature, but it’s still a great page to follow in my opinion.

womenwithpencils instagram
womenofcreation logo


Women Of Creation is another smaller page that features women creators and their illustration and art.

Tag #womenofcreation for a chance to be featured.

womenofcreation instagram
all.she.makes logo


All She Makes is a Curated directory and Instagram page for women art and illustrations.

To submit your work for a possible feature you can do it here, be aware that is cost $15 to even submit your work for review so this is only a valid option if you’re looking to support All She Makes and the people behind it. Paying will not guarantee you a feature.

all.she.makes instagram
ladieswinedesign logo


LW&D is an organization working for more diversity in the creative industry (especially in leadership roles). They’re active in more than 280 cities worldwide they host meet-ups and offer mentorship, portfolio reviews and other ways to connect with unrepresentative creatives.

Head to their website and see if there’s a active chapter in your city, and start connecting with creatives in your area. Some of the chapters offer chances to feature your work, which is nice but of course not the main goal of this non-profit initiative.

ladieswinedesign instagram
creativewomencommunity logo


Creative women community is an Instagram page devoted to showing women illustration and art, often themed around feminism and women empowerment.

You can use #creativewomen with your posts for a chance to get featured here.

Creative women community instagram page
womeningraphicdesign logo


Women in Graphic Design is an Instagram page all about women in the graphic design field.

For a possible feature you can contact them via Instagram DMs.

womeningraphicdesign instagram page
Kvinnokosten logo


The page Kvinnokonsten promotes art from female & non-binary artists from the past and present. This page is wonderfully curated with a lot of variety in the art they feature, highly recommended. The name Kvinnokonsten is Swedish for “The female art”.

You can send them a DM on Instagram with your artwork for a possibility for a feature.

kvinnokonsten instagram page

Hashtags to use for women creators

Here are a few hashtags you can use as a women artist on Instagram or any other social media. I suggest you pick and choose a few relevant hashtags and don’t use them all, you’re going to see much better results and engagement with small selection of relevant tags.

Illustration tags

#femaleillustrator #womenillustrators #womenillustrator #womendraw #womendrawing #womenwhodraw #womeninillustration #womenwhodrawwomen #womenwithpencils #womenwhoillustrate #illustratedwomen #thewomenwhodraw

Design & Graphic Design tags

#womenofdesign #femaledesign #femaledesigner #femalegraphicdesigner #womengraphicdesigner #womenwhodesign #ladieswhodesign

Art tags

#womenartists #femaleartists femaleartist #femaleart #womeninart #womeninthearts #creativewomen


Animation tags

#femaleanimator #womenanimators #panimation #womeninanimation #girlsinanimation

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