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Design Essentials: Top 7 Free Mockup Sites You Need to Know

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Design Essentials: Top 7 Free Mockup Sites You Need to Know

I’ll be showing you the best 7 free mockup sites that you need to know about. Whether you’re looking to improve your portfolio or your next presentation or project, these collections of free mockup files will be your new favorite tools as a designer.

Explore and download thousands of free mockups, all available for commercial use.


When I’m searching for mockup files for my projects, my first go-to is Mr.Mockup, which offers over 700 free mockup designs for download. They have a wide range of mockup categories, including stationery, packaging, clothing, billboards, and more. Plus, they regularly add new mockup Photoshop files, so there’s always something fresh to grab.

Mr.Mockup (Free Mockups)
creatsy logo


Next up is Creatsy, my absolute favorite spot for finding premium mockup designs, but they also have a fantastic free section where you can find professional mockups to download. The quality of Creatsy’s mockups is as good as it gets, especially their fabric and textile mockups. Take full advantage of their free section and level up your portfolio with their mockups.

As of writing this guide, they offer 23 mockups for free.

Creatsy (Free premium mockups)

Pixeden Club

Pixeden offers creative and visually stunning mockup designs for free on their website. Pixeden’s packaging and stationary mockup files are especially worth checking out.
You can find over 100 mockup designs for free over at Pixeden.

Pixeden (Free Graphics)

Anthony Boyd’s Free Mockups

3D Artist Anthony Boyd has a must-have collection of free graphic design resources. You can download over 350 free mockups on his website for personal and commercial use, and each and every one is seriously gorgeous.

If you use any of Anthony’s mockups you have to link back to his website or use #anthonyboydgraphics on social media, you can read the complete license agreement on his website.

Anthony Boyd's Free Mockups
unblast logo

Unblast Free Mockups Collection

Unblast is sort of like a search engine for mock-up designs. On Unblast you can find an extensive collection of mockups from all around the internet. It’s a great place to go if you have a specific mockup need and don’t know where to start looking.

Unblast can be quite overwhelming and all download links won’t always work, but it’s still a superb mockup resource.

Unblast (Free mockup downloads)

Pixpine Free Mockups

Pixpine is yet another mockup goldmine with over 600 free mockup design files available for download. Have a look through their collection and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of mockups you love.

Pixpine (Freebies)
Stykke Studio logo

Stykke Studio Mockup Freebies

Stykke Studio specializes in gorgeous premium poster and print mockups often arranged in stunning Nordic designer homes. They also offer a small freebie section worth checking out if you need art print mockups.

Stykke Studio (Mockup Freebies)

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  • Catherine says:

    Thank you so much.
    I’m wondering if you know if any of these mock up designs are compatible with iPad Pro in adobe illustrator? I have such a problem getting mock ups as I do not use the desktop version of illustrator. On my iPad Pro it’s classed as an app version. Thank you.

    • I think most sites offer their mockups as .PSD (photoshop files), so maybe try the ipad version of Photoshop with the mockups?

    • Ana says:

      Hi Catherine!
      This is Ana from Stykke Studio. The Photoshop app for iPad could sometimes be a bit to low in functionality for some mockups. If you have Illustrator only on your iPad you can try out Photopea – a free browser based “dupe” of Photoshop. You can simply open and use it through your Safari browser without the need to download an app or hidden costs. The cool thing is that most Photoshop tutorials are compatible with it as well since the user interface is nearly the same for normal and advanced use cases.
      Have fun!

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