Ruda Kropka

Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Poland

My name is Magda Stefańska, but I like to use the name Ruda Kropka. In Polish it means ginger tiny dot, and the subdued red and brown colors and little details are something I love. As soon as I discovered pattern design, I was immediately enchanted and absorbed in creating my own compositions inspired by what is close to me.

I grew up in the suburbs, surrounded by a natural and slightly wild garden, photographing dew on leaves and spying on a rose bush. For as long as I can remember,  the inspirations I absorbed I have transferred with a pencil to a piece of paper, so traditional art techniques are still closest to me. I smuggle botanical elements, forest animals, vintage atmosphere, and poetry, both in pattern designs dedicated to children and adults. I want these decorations to reflect the sensitivity and old soul of the people who choose them for their everyday surroundings.

Clients prefer to choose exclusive licenses from me because they value the uniqueness of my hand-painted designs, and I love creating for charming companies with a cozy spirit.

Ruda Kropka

Pattern Designer & Illustrator

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