Cecilia Battaini

Illustrator & Surface Designer based in Milan, Italy

I’m an illustrator and surface designer, who enjoys creating whimsical and nature-inspired patterns and illustrations. I draw mostly flowers, but you can also expect to see mushrooms, animals, plants, veggies, and fruits popping out in my dreamy creations.

I’m based in Milan, Italy, but when you don’t find me inside my studio, I’m traveling all around the world, searching for new inspirations for my art. I take pics of every flower and plant I find, to use as reference for my hand-drawn illustrations once back in my studio.

I make traditional art, drawing every illustration with colored pencils, then I transform them into digital files, scanning them on my laptop and arranging them into patterns through Photoshop.

In this way, I can license my art and work on commissions with private clients, small businesses, and large brands. My prints are featured on many products like wallpapers, greeting cards, fabrics, and packaging designs. I also host online and in-person workshops about botanical illustrations and art therapy.


Cecilia Battaini

Illustrator & Surface Designer

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