Jasmine Blooms

Algerian Surface Pattern Designer

Hi there! My name is Latifa and I’m an Algerian surface designer. I lived in the States for a while in Newport, Rhode Island, where I loved the gorgeous nature of New England, especially the fall!

I’m an architect who found love in the world of patterns, creating repeats is a very meditative process for me, I love creating bold geometrics, and intricate flowers and incorporating storytelling in my collections.

My studio is Jasmine Blooms Designs, I specialize in creating stunning patterns with a retro flair, I love exploring multiple creative avenues but my style lends itself well with bold and graphic style, intricate details, and a maximalist approach.

you will often find me in the corner of my living room, with a computer or an iPad, creating! and I love painting in watercolor and gouache too!

I love collaborating with companies worldwide, you can find my work in textile and home decor in the US, Europe, and Australia.

I’m open to collaborating and offering design support through licensing, buyouts, and commission work.


Jasmine Blooms

Surface Pattern Designer

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