"Sushi Escape"

by Marian Blair

This image was actually inspired by a sunrise that I saw right before eating some delicious sushi in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Creative ideas are so often associative, and as a Pescetarian, It’s clear I am having a little sushi guilt ;)

After noshing, I went home and started digitally sketching this image on my Cintiq. I have a 22-inch tablet that I use with the CC suite.

My digital painting begins by choosing a color palette and organizing it in my Adobe libraries. It’s such a fun sensation to catalog colors based on place and emotion, and I have a ton! Next, I sketch out my ideas using the pencil tool and paint with Kyle Webster’s amazing brushes. I am a huge fan of the Brayer series (now included in Adobe CC), and use them whenever possible.

My last step is to share the work! I am trying to share more often and put myself “out there” so Instagram has become an important large part of that puzzle.

Be free little fish!

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