bird pattern jonas welin

At the time when I made this pattern I had a huge pigeon problem on my balcony, a pidegon couple had decided that my balcony was the perfec tplace to nest on, and when pidgeons decide to nest, it’s reaaaally hard to make them leave. So they built their nrst and pooped everywhere, if we removed their nest they just built a new one in a few days. And that’s where the inpsiration for this pattern came, I would just look out through the window and see these birds looking back at me, and it feelt like they where saying “this balcony is ours now”

The drawing process was a lot of fun, I just drew a lot of birds by hand, I wanted a pattern where you could discover new things in it by looking long enough, so I needed a lot of diffrent birds, after the they been drawn I scanned them in and edited and painted them in Photoshop. After I had all my birds I did my repeat for the pattern.

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