"Script room"

by Lemon Bandit

Script room is an extremely short animation test that had absolutely no purpose in mind. It was a lucky result of just freewheeling for a month while Max was playing around with frame by frame animation and Eileen rediscovered her love for miniature. We loved to work with whatever we had around (we didn’t have much professional equipment at the time) to create a set and photograph it.

We decided to take a break from our commercial projects because A) January is usually not such a busy time for us anyway and B) if we didn’t plan a ‘free work month’ we would probably never do it.

It’s important to create things for the fun of it, not just because it serves a purpose. Even when we make things that are not for a client, we are still pushed by things like Instagram and the thought “is this going to be good enough for our portfolio?” Taking a month off really helped us to get back into a playful mindset that was not so goal-oriented.

Ironically, this test ended up as a part of a pitch for a short movie we have been working on for a while now – which is awesome – but we never had a story in mind while making this. The miniature handbuild decor was a beautiful place for Max’s weird monsters to live in and that was it. The most important thing is that we enjoyed the hell out of that month and we would recommend it to every creative professional!

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