"Four Steps to Adventure"

by Hatiye Garip

I started my first longer comic “Corona Diary” at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. I thought it would be a visual diary that can help me to see my worries and realize how small they are on paper. I continued to record my days visually until last December—I would still like to continue, though. Some parts of my Corona Diary were exhibited at a gallery in a group show and they were published in several magazines and an anthology by then.

Last December, my Corona Diary inspired me and I made an application about comic-making. I got an opportunity to be one of the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020 recipients with my successful proposal. I always believe that the best way to learn something is learning by teaching. Getting inspiration from my own work, I aimed to create a guide for young creatives in comic format. I summarized my process of comic-making in four steps, which are sketching, outlining, coloring, final touches. As I did not want my project to be like a tutorial, I focus on narrative more than showing all the comic-making process.

During my creative residency, I shared one step in a week. I supported my weekly comic with additional photographs of my work environment and materials-software I used. I see every project as an adventure and I think the most difficult part is the starting point. If you are ready for a creative adventure, let’s take your first step!

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