"Woodland Holiday Collection"

by Natalie Briscoe

During 2019, I began to explore the possibility of illustrating in the art licensing and surface designer industry. Soon enough, I fell in love with pattern work and found that this type of illustration was well suited to the decorative, storybook art I was drawn to. Last year while developing a licensing portfolio, I set out to create a nature-themed holiday set. I am often inspired by the natural world and love bringing the sense of wonder I find outdoors into my work.

When I first started making holiday-themed artwork, I found the process a bit tricky. It seemed difficult to make artwork that fit the standard look of Christmas art, yet was exciting to create and stylistically interesting to me. However, with this collection, I feel like I really hit a sweet spot between the outcome and process. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing the decorative botanicals and rich color and texture into the artwork. I had felt like this piece was a step closer to bridging the gap between my own work and work that I admire. This collection also helped guide my work in a stylistic direction I’d like to continue striving for.

Natalie Briscoe

Natalie Briscoe

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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