by Gosia Kepka

This piece was inspired by a walk in the park. That day was a bit rainy and not very pleasant, so the park was empty and I felt very serene walking alone and watching swans. Later when I came back home, I wanted to create something that would give the same feeling of calmness.

Contact with nature is really important for me, as it helps me relax and clear my mind, but also it often serves as a source of inspiration. When I feel art blocked, I like to go for a walk in a park or a forest. Not only it calms me down and helps me focus, but I also often take photographs of whatever catches my eye at the time. Later, I use these photographs as a reference to draw and also as an inspiration for final illustrations. Normally I don’t recreate the pictures exactly as they are, rather than that I treat them as a starting point for creating something new. I have also created a folder on my computer, where I keep all those photographs that I find in some way interesting. I especially like taking photographs when I’m in a new place, a new environment or on holidays. When I find myself uninspired, I often look through these photographs and pick some to draw, and later build upon these drawings to create a final piece.

Whenever possible, I also like drawing outside, from nature. I later look through my sketchbooks to find new inspiration. I especially like going back the sketchbooks from a few years back, and revisit old ideas. That way I can create something that is very unique to me, the way I remember the place or the object, how it looks like in my memory.

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