by Corrie Gorman

My work takes a look at human behaviour and everyday life, paying attention to the different scenarios we normally disregard and observing the different quirks we have as a species. Humour is a very important part of my practice and I believe it’s important to step back and look at everyday life and the comedy that lies within it.

I find the best way to depict these observations is in the form of children’s books in which we can strip down these odd behaviours and allow our kids to question and laugh at the silliness. In this instance, I focused in on family life within a household and the drama of a toilet roll shortage. When a little girl discovers the rest of her family have been using the toilet paper for ulterior purposes, panic ensues. Every kid loves toilet humour, right?

I initially started this project in 2019 but this year it started to resonate more than ever as we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. In such unprecedented circumstances, it was so intriguing and scary to watch as humanity cleared the supermarket shelves of pasta, rice and most oddly toilet paper, bulk buying to the extreme!

This panic perplexed most people, as a common question…

“What on earth can people be doing with all this loo roll?!”

…was on everyone’s lips and it allowed me to revisit this project, BURSTING with new ideas and inspirations.

The book has gone through numerous versions so far and will no doubt continue to evolve but I’m happy to present a book which embodies human nature and the humour we rely on to get through the madness daily life can spring on us. Remember…


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