Unstable dream

by Amber Ma

The backstory of “Unstable dream” is from an experience of mine from last year, a short story about a party.
Last year, I went to an American illustration party with my friend who had a piece selected for the exhibition. Normally I don’t like parties, especially with wine and loud music. But my friend said it was better to know people and artists in this environment. So I decided to push myself to do something I never tried.
The party started around 6 pm I think, but the place was already filled with people and loud music. The atmosphere made me feel dizzy immediately (I think it is because of nervousness). What I felt was just like the image, a fig boy sitting on an unstable boat.
I couldn’t clearly hear people talking, their voices were just like whispers of the wind. I don’t remember how long I was there or who I talked with (I think I didn’t talk to anyone). When I went home and sat on my bed, I felt the whole process was like a dream, I was in an unstable dream.

I choose fig boy to represent because I don’t want people to identify. He/she (the fig boy) can be anyone who has a similar experience of nervousness in public areas, at parties or when meeting strangers.

My inspiration for making images always come from my experiences, my emotions, my dreams and my daily life. I like to use imagination to transfer the negative emotion to something positive, and it helps me a lot to face the truth. Sometimes it is more like talking to yourself, to find the problem and using the image to fix the problem.

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