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14 Instagram pages that can Feature your Work – Design, Illustration & Art

14 Instagram pages that can Feature your Work – Design, Illustration & Art

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram following is to get a shoutout from a big page, and there’s plenty of pages that are looking for great to work to feature.

In this guide I put together a comprehensive list of the biggest art, illustration & design pages that you can get your work featured on.

What is a Instagram feature/shoutout account?

You might heard of these shoutouts and feature accounts on Instagram, these are account that usually have a large following that features other peoples work, either for free or if you pay them to feature your work.

How you get your work on these page varies a lot, but I’ll be talking about how you do it on each page listed below.

Instagram Feature Pages

Art & Illustrations

Art & Illustration pages that features other people's work

creativehowl logo


  • Illustrationhowl is Creativehowl’s own Instagram account that’s dedicated to featuring our favourite illustrations & drawings on Instagram.
  • You can use the hashtag #illustrationhowl or use our submission form for a possible feature. I check each and every submission and try to keep up with the hashtag but not everything is a good fit for the page so I can’t promise anything, we also get a lot of requests every day so it can be hard to keep up sometimes.
  • Category: Illustrations, drawings, art


  • BrwnpaperBag is a huge page and website dedicated to showing illustrations and drawings from artist all around the world in a wide variety of mediums.
  • Either e-mail or tweet them your submissions, more info here, It’s free to submit art for anyone but no guarantee to be featured.
  • Category: Illustrations, drawings, paper craft, collages, embroidery

Illustrated Doris

  • Illustrated Doris is a illustrations and art page curated by Katarina Lundberg
  • Use tag #illustrateddoris or get in contact with illustrated.doris (email in their bio)
  • Category: Illustrations, Drawings, art, portraits, feminist art
ballpit mag logo


  • Ballpitmag is a community website that features artists and their work in short interviews. They also have a popular Instagram where they regularly post art and illustrations.
  • You can contact them over here about getting featured on their page,
  • Category: art, paintings, illustrations, digital art

Women Who Draw

  • Women who draw is a open directory for female illustrators and women that draws. They feature artist from their directory on their Instagram page.
  • Check out their website on how to join their directory,, the submission process is easy but make sure you follow their directions. (for women only)
  • Category: illustrations, art, women art, feminist art, portraits

Women with Pencils

  • Women with Pencils is a site & Instagram page that show the work of  female artists & illustrators from around the world.
  • Use #womenwithpencils for a chanced to be featured on their page
  • Category: Illustration, portraits, vector art

The Sense Of Creativity

  • On The Sense of Creativity you can read short interviews with different artist & designers. And on their Instagram page you’ll find illustrations, art and graphic design.
  • You can use the tag #socfeature for a chance to be featured on their page
  • Category: Art, illustrations, graphic design, vector art

Artistic moods

  • Artistic moods is Art & Craft page filled with a mixture of different kinds of art. On their page they share other people’s work and also their own blog posts.
  • Getting featured on Artistic moods cost €27 (price may have changed when you’re reading this). More info on their website,
  • Category: Art, Ceramic, illustrations, pottery

Illustration Artists

  • Illustration Artists is a page dedicated to featuring illustrators on Instagram and their work.
  • You need to pay to get featured on this page, in the past they offered different kind of promotions (posts, story, etc.) More info on how to get featured can be found here,
  • Category: illustrations, art, digital art, animation
childrenswritersguild logo

Children’s Writer’s Guild

  • Children’s Writer’s Guild is a community devoted to children’s books, stories, illustrations & art.
  • Tag your work with @childrenswritersguild for a possible feature
  • Category: Children’s books, Child culture, illustrations, art


  • Picame is a online magazine with a Instagram page dedicated to illustrations and art.
  • Use the tag #picame for possible feature. Or for paid sponsored post you can contact them here,
  • Category: Illustration, vector art, graphic design, art
illustration_daily instagram

Illustration Daily

  • Illustration daily is big illustration page that post daily illustrations from artist all over Instagram.
  • Tag & Follow @illustration_daily for a chance for a feature.
  • Category: Illustrations, design, digital art, vector, comic book
alltheseillustrations logo

All these illustrations

  • All These Illustrations is a smaller page compared to other pages on this list, but what they lack in size they make up for in quality. Here you’ll find a great mix of creative illustrators showcasing their work. One of the better curated pages for illustrations on Instagram
  • Use their tag #alltheseillustrations to submit your work to the page
  • Category: Illustrations, digital art, drawings

Growing Your Creative Business Through Instagram

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  • Grow your following as a creative
  • Advice on photographing your work
  • How to drive sales for your art
  • Optimize for engagement
  • And much more in this 90 minute course..
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Design & Graphic Design pages on Instagram

thedesigntip logo

The Design Tip

  • The Design tip is a popular page that daily post a mixture of illustrations, art and design.
  • Send your work & business proposals (paid features) to
  • Category: Graphic design, Digital art, Illustration, vector art
designmilk logo

Design milk

  • Design Milk is one of the biggest online design magazines, and on their Instagram page they post daily design inspirations.
  • More info on how to get featured on their Instagram & their website can be found here, Just keep in mind that getting featured on Design Milk can be quite tricky because of the size of the site and the amount of submissions they get each and every day.
  • Category: Design, Art, Graphic design, interior design, furniture design

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Additional advice

What to consider when trying to get featured

Buying Instagram shoutouts vs Free Features

There will be some of these accounts that are free to get featured on, and you usually just have to tag your image with their hashtag for a chance to get featured or contact them over Instagram.

The downside to free shoutouts is that they’re usually really hard to get featured on, there’s a lot of people that want to be shown on these accounts, making the competition quite hard.

The ones you have to pay for are easier to get on (but you have to pay them) but the quality of account that has a paid feature service varies a lot, the problem is like I mentioned above, there’s plenty of accounts with fake followers out there. Both paid & free comes with their good and bad sides.

Things to consider

There’s a couple of things to consider before trying to get your work featured on any of the sites on the list.

Is it a good fit?

For example there’s no point in submitting a art post to a Instagram account that only post photography content, if it doesn’t fit, don’t bother. Some pages even have guidelines how to submit your work, make sure you read them so you don’t waste everyone’s time.

Be aware of fake pages

Some accounts that offer (paid) features have thousands and sometimes millions of fake followers, they have bought fake followers so their account should seem popular and artists should be more inclined to order a feature from them.

Be cautious if a page has low quality content & posts, low number of likes on each post (if a account has thousands of followers their posts should have plenty of likes), fake and odd comments on posts. (can be hard to spot) or if the the cost for a feature is really low (I seen a account with 1 million followers just ask for $10 to be featured on their account, getting a feature on a (real) account with 1 millions of followers will cost you 1000s of dollars.)

I only list reputable and establishes pages in this list. But always be cautious if you decide to buy a feature on any Instagram page.

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