by Thomas Hedger

World2 is a website prompting conversations between image and text that is part of an ongoing personal research project. I’m interested in collaboration and how illustrations can communicate different meanings, almost memetic.

The concept was to create a platform full of simple to digest, but bold visual prompts, where I invite people to write and submit short texts inspired by these images. In a cyclical lifecycle, these texts then inspire me to draw more images which go on to inspire more texts, etc. There is an added gallery where people can submit combinations of images and text they like, which hopefully acts as a source of inspiration for others. So far there are almost 200 drawings and over 1,000 contributions. I have found this research project so rewarding to my practice, not only in highlighting the importance of communication but from the inspiration of such poetic and interesting submissions. I hope to take this project further.

Please take a look for yourself and contribute on world2.uk

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