"Sewing Box"

by Susanna Rumiz

Some time ago I was asked to create an illustration for an exhibition. I had to represent an imaginary and microscopic habitat. It was such a nice topic but at first, nothing interesting came to my mind.

So I looked for inspiration in one of my favourite books ‘How to be an explorer of the world’ by Keri Smith. In one of the chapters, she talks about how to observe everyday objects in different ways and to pay attention to those hidden places that we usually ignore like corners, ceilings or the inside of a drawer.

I followed the advice and after a while, I started to see little worlds everywhere! I found the first one on my balcony, between plants. Then others in the pencil case, inside a light bulb, in the sewing box. I took note of all the ideas and sooner or later I’ll find the time to draw all of them!

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