"Creative jungle"

by Studio Äppel Päppel

This painting really defines the start of Studio Äppel Päppel, both in our style and work method. We had both been working as designers and illustrators before, but not as a team, so when we got a commission to do a mural for a company we needed to find our common style and work process.

We developed our own method, using scissors and paper. Paper is a great material to sketch in! You get a quick result and don’t go too much into detail and it’s also possible to work on the same motif together at the same time. After creating our motif in paper we continue with refining it and adding details digitally.

The commission was to create a mural in a creative conference room. Therefore we chose to work with creativity and idea generation as a theme for the motif. Since we’re designers we also work and think like designers, and our artwork started with a style board and a mind map visualizing and describing what we wanted to achieve. We resembled the creative process with a jungle – at first chaotic but at the same time full of possibilities and with things to discover. Therefore the painting is called “Creative jungle”. We also worked with weaving elements into the painting that could be linked to what the company works with related to computers and programming.

When looking back at this piece it feels almost like our little baby, everything started with this mural and we still like it a lot even though it’s several years since we made it.

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