"Sketchbook Zen"

by Ramón Springer

Working as a concept artist & illustrator in digital media productions can be quite challenging. Most of the time I spend many hours on a single image, tweaking details, making changes the client asked for, and trying to stay motivated and focused. I love doing it but at the same time, it can be exhausting.

So I just wanted to take a short break away from large challenges like that and just draw something quick for a change. I wanted to do something different and not paint for hours, but instead spend a few minutes on an idea. Now my focus was on the dynamic and energy of doing it, rather than creating something beautiful. The result: I could not stop. Whenever I had a few seconds of spare time I drew as many thumbnail sketches I could.

Over the course of seven days, I drew over 3000 rough sketches. And it felt good. It felt like recharging.

It might sound naive but it struck me as an essential realisation that this art brut exercise is a friendly reminder for myself and everyone who got stuck in this situation: When you have a minute in between meetings or jobs, sketch something small that you care about. It does not have to be great or picturesque. Just enjoy the flow of doing it and let your mind wander.

My personal finding is that no matter how stressful elaborate projects can be, I have to remind myself that the quick, dynamic and tiny sketch often relaxes the big picture.

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