"Don't Be Bitter. Just Be Better"

by Sophie Forsdyke

At the time this illustration began, I was feeling super unmotivated and truth be told, bitter! I was finding it hard like everyone else to get used to these challenging times that began in 2020. I’m sure we have all found ourselves feeling uninspired for days, weeks, months, or still in this funk. But let me tell you, I know that feeling all too well. On a more positive note, it won’t stay that way forever and those days where we feel inspired will come again!

Sometimes our best work comes from nothing and that is simply how my illustration came about. I was trying so hard over the first lockdown to think of new illustrations that I could post online to look busy and productive. I think we can all guess what happened there. I was feeling so much pressure on top of drinking several cups of coffee! As a practising illustrator, trying to find my feet in the industry, I think it’s so important to acknowledge the low moments when we feel uninspired and see what ideas can come out of that. Originally, my bitter lemon illustration was made just for myself that I did on a whim, as I didn’t think it was ‘Instagram worthy’. Even typing it sounds insane! However, once I got out of that mind set, I felt I needed to show that not every drawing has to be polished or to fit a certain style because how boring is that!

After taking time to embrace the time we had (and still have), I wanted to explore typography more into my illustrations. I love to work with a bright and fun colour palette, and I’ve wanted to play around with both drawings and text to spread a light hearted and humorous message. At that time it seemed like a perfect opportunity to develop my (somewhat) Photoshop knowledge as I knew I would thank myself later. Since then I’ve really enjoyed creating illustrations with my own handwriting on them and it’s something I will continue to do. This is a reminder to myself and to others who need it, that we can choose to be better in what we enjoy doing!

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