"Winter Tenement"

by Rory Kennedy

The illustration is of my window that I’ve been sat up at, staring out through all lockdown. I’ve usually been sat at the window during sunset every night since there’s a cracking view due to it being the top flat.

One evening when the sun was going down though I decided to do the opposite, I went outside and looked up at my window as the sun set instead. Just out of interest, boredom and not much else to do. I wanted to see the opposite perspective I guess.

I got inspired to illustrate the shadows and lines of my window and the building.

I even added a cat behind the window.

The cat is stuck behind the glass, waiting patiently, watching a bird that’s free outside, biding it’s time until it’s allowed to get out and catch it. I don’t own a cat so I guess I’m the cat in the illustration in a way.

Rory Kennedy

Artist & Illustrator

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