"Sunrise Coffee"

by Lara Perschnick

This piece (Sunrise Coffee) was a very intuitive Illustration. I felt a bit limited working just digitally so I just started to cut out paper. I scanned the cut-outs and altered them digitally in the Procreate App. Colored them and then it felt… incomplete. I had that feeling quite often, that what I created felt incomplete and not finished. I had a process of trial and error, over and over again to find what was missing. I tried it with different brushes but there again, I was stuck in the digital world. I wanted texture so I took a step back and scanned textured paper to see what would come out. I was completely surprised as I saw what it did to my Illustration. It started to look like a Risograph Print, and I love Riso by the way. I was totally hyped but still not satisfied with the result. So I ended up with three layers of different textured paper to make it look and feel right.

I loved it so much that it was the start of a completely new style without even planning it. I love working digitally and manually. It’s very satisfying to craft and work with my hands and then alter it digitally.

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