"The Artist Sketchbook"

by Rachel Katstaller

For many artists, the sketchbook is a sort of safe haven where all ideas get put into paper, never to be revealed to the outside world. In my case, they are a combination of my best and worst, my fears and anxieties and all of my frustrations. Whenever I draw in my sketchbook I lose the fear of being judged by others, because after all, the contents inside are all mine to decide to show. Or not.

From my own experience and what I’ve gathered from talking with other artist friends, inspiration always has a sort of ebb and flow. Sometimes ideas come easily, some other times I struggle horribly to get started on anything. And in these moments is where I’ve found a great friend in my sketchbook and a method that never fails. I begin by choosing different colors from my art supplies until I have gathered a palette of 4 or 5. Then I let the colors dictate what they want to draw.

Even though they are simple ideas, I enjoy looking back at these sketches because they challenge me daily to work with colors in unusual combinations.

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