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"Be flexible"

by Perrine Honoré

This illustration is an acrylic painting (66×92 cm) I created for my next solo show BE FLEXIBLE that will take place in November 2021, in Barcelona.

I wanted to create a place of carefree fun to express how important complicity and friendship are. Now that we have -as a society- experienced many social prohibitions because of the global pandemic, it seems even more essential to dance, play, touch, interact, dream, have fun.

This lack of lightness and innocence, by contrast, has made me reconnect with childhood and its spontaneity so pure that somehow, we all carry inside.

In order to develop the final artworks, I made a lot of sketches using bodies as if they were part of a puzzle to transmit this idea that we need each other to find balance and stability.

“Be flexible”, on the other hand, is a criticism of the injunction to flexibility and happiness in a world that changes more and more and faster and to which we have to adapt, sometimes juggling or making uncomfortable contortions. This static movement, which opposes the storms of thoughts to the inability to act, can become paralyzing.

Before painting it on canvas, I have tried a color palette on a digital medium (see image).

Perrine Honoré

Perrine Honoré

Illustrator, Muralist & Textile Pattern maker

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