"Girl and Fox"

by Jelena Obradovic

I love animals and I tend to draw them a lot. And I’m always looking for great inspiration for illustrations.
I came across beautiful photographs of redhead girls in a forest with red foxes. If you browse through Pinterest, you probably saw them as well. I was so stunned by the beauty and lighting of the photos that I just had to create something myself.
Usually, I shy from drawing people, which is something that I’m currently trying to change. Normally I would only draw the fox in nature, but I challenged myself to do it differently this time.
It’s far from what I wanted it to look like, and it’s probably not my best work. But it represents more than that. It is progress, inspiration, and motivation all at once. Creating this illustration made me want to be much better at drawing people, and everything else. And now I’m back at school you might say. We live in a time when all knowledge is at your fingertips, and I’m very grateful for that. I’m learning so much and hopefully, I will remake this illustration in some time and see the progress.

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