Mona Tomassi Studio

Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Madrid, Spain

I am an experienced surface pattern designer and illustrator, creating each project with the final product in mind to reach the best results for your brand. My designs are distinguished by lightness and precision, I am inspired by nature and the city. I create my works from hand-painted elements, which I then transfer to graphic programs, where I compose all-overs or prints. I guarantee a head full of ideas, commitment, and passion put into each project, from a single order to a complex collection. I most often paint with watercolors and draw with a pencil, because these techniques reflect my aesthetic ideas most precisely. I also create in other manual and vector techniques, intended for both digital and screen printing, or other types of traditional printing.

My unique surface prints and patterns are a combination of my experience and vision with the latest trends and expectations of the final user. You can make a personalized order for a new pattern design or visit my online shop with ready-to-download, manually painted surface patterns.

Visit my unique workshop of surface pattern design, where we can create together projects dedicated for fashion, interiors, and stationery. Here, harmoniously coordinated colors and subtle forms provide an aura of beauty and tranquility. Come and learn more! Write to me via my website if you have a question or visit me on my Instagram.

Mona Tomassi

Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator

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