Milena Barbalinardo

Italian Surface Pattern Designer

Hi, I’m Milena. I’m Italian, currently living in Ireland. I hold a master’s degree in industrial design. After working for several years as a graphic and web designer, I decided to fully embrace my true passion: pattern design.

Since childhood, I’ve had a profound love for freehand drawing, which served as the foundation for my exploration of the pattern design world. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills, and now my style strikes a balance between organic minimalism and continuous experimentation. I’m inspired by everyday life and surrounding nature, playing with shapes, colors, and textures to draw captivating patterns.

I collaborate with businesses and individuals to create patterns for various applications, including fabrics, wallpapers, and home products, all available for licensing and purchase. If you are in search of a passionate freelance pattern designer, I’m here to transform your vision into exceptional designs. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Milena Barbalinardo

Surface Pattern Designer

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