"A Walk"

by Michelle Theodore

This drawing was done just a few weeks into the new year while I was waiting for a phone call from a friend. I started sketching this out in a random sketchbook to pass the time and had no intentions of making anything of substance. I wasn’t feeling very confident in my work at the time so I was trying not to overthink any of my decisions. I decided to use a ballpoint pen so I could mindlessly scribble away while on the phone. I ended up drawing a whole scene so I scanned it so I could add flat colour because I felt like it.

A lot of my work starts off like this, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t! My current work is focused primarily around the themes of nostalgia, the ocean, and moments of solitude and this drawing is a prime example of what I draw on autopilot. I was also really in my head about the places I’d been before the pandemic and how things had ultimately shifted since.

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