Mariasara Pattern Design

Italian Pattern Designer based in the Netherlands

I am a self-taught surface pattern designer with a passion for vibrant colours and Mediterranean and tropical wild plants. I am Italian from Sicily, but I now live in the Netherlands already for more than 4 years. I design art prints, cushions, stationary objects, and greeting cards inspired by nature in all its forms.

My patterns feature blossoms, fruits, wild plants, and animals as well as everyday objects, which I like to arrange in harmonic and organic ways in beautiful patterns with an island vibe. My curiosity is stimulated by my fascination for colour composition and balance, which brings me to play often with contrasting colours as well as complementary colours found in nature. I am inspired by Matisse’s obsessive attitude towards colour and his experimental approach to many art crafts.

My mission is to inspire and nurture human beings indoors and outdoors through harmonic and playful designs to ultimately bring people close to nature.

My goal is to license my patterns collections to wallpaper and indoor textile companies for houseware, like towels, clothes, and bedding sheets, as to bring more floral prints indoors. Starting more partnerships for textile pat- terns design, interior wall design, and stationery design is my dream for the coming years.

Mariasara Pattern Design

Surface Pattern Designer

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