"The things that I've never drawn before"

by Manuela Montoya

This year I decided to work and experiment with different media: from watercolor, gouache, and pastels to colored pencils and digital, giving more importance to colors and shapes than lines.

“The things that I’ve never drawn before” is the main concept and title of this project, it’s made to force myself out of my comfort zone and of course to open a new range of possibilities, characters, stories, and places. As part of the 100 day Project (which is about choosing a project and doing it every day for 30 days), this has been a great chance to improve my skills and the very one condition is to make things I’ve never drawn before and have fun.

It is the first time I make this journey and it hasn’t been easy, the truth is that I have not been able to make a daily illustration for obvious reasons such as work, other projects and, of course, socializing.

However, I take it as an opportunity to be constant and with each illustration, I can go and look inside myself for things that I had never put on paper and let my imagination fly.

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