"Animals and Where we Find Them"

by Eliott Bulpett

“Animals and Where we Find Them” is a pop-up book I created earlier this year to combine my love for animals and children’s books. For a while now I have been really interested in educational books for children and trying to find ways for non-fiction books to be just as exciting as fiction ones. I came up with the idea for this while looking at picture books in the library, so many of them were based around discovery and exploration and I wondered how I could incorporate that into my own project.

I had never created a pop-up book before this, but it has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. As a child, I loved any book that allowed me to lift a flap or pull a tab and pop-up books were like magic to me. With no experience, a lot of my inspiration for the folds and designs came from other pop-up books which I looked at and studied, trying to find anything that could help make my ideas come to life.

Creating something in a brand-new medium was a really great way to come up with new ideas and try things I’d never done before. The most important thing for me when making this book was to create something that could be touched and played with that would add excitement to reading and learning.

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