by Luca Di Bartolomeo

This is an illustrated poster from my thesis project, a collaboration with the Museum of Postal and Telecommunications here in Rome, where I currently study and live. The whole project focuses on how communication is changed through all these years but the human need of connecting with different people is always the same and it never changes.

This particular illustration wants to highlight how social networks allow people to connect to each other, despite their different backgrounds, interests, or stories.

From this concept, I started to create some phone screens type, and add some details that can instantly remind me of them (like the wi-fi symbol, the battery, etc). Then I started to draw some different characters with some backgrounds that could represent their interests, to show how different they are from each other. The most important thing is the movement of the arms: it’s what brings them together, like if they hold their hands, despite they are living their own story.


I really like working with different patterns and textures, I usually add them to clothes or backgrounds. They really help to make my works recognizable, which is one of the most important things in the illustration world. The colors are perfect for this theme because one of the main feelings I wanted to give is a fresh, bright, futuristic vibe. The colors palette is used for the whole project and it helps to make the whole project cohesive and coherent.

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