"Flower Power"

by Laura Ospina

The inspiration behind my work comes from different sources. Sometimes, I illustrate how I feel or what I like. I love to look for different palettes on the internet, I have a special board for those and they have become a source of inspiration too.

The story behind the illustration “Flower Power” is super simple. I didn’t know what to draw, I was out of ideas – so I took my iPad and I started to draw things I enjoy drawing. Of course, I drew lots of flowers and plants, but at some point, I started drawing women as well- it felt like completing a puzzle.

After a while of really being into this, I was only drawing with lines. I remember I wanted to use another color, so I tried this 2 color palette and I loved it. At the moment, it is one of my favorite illustrations of the year, because of the way it was made. I guess sometimes you just have to let go and only think about what makes you happy. In my case, nature is always super inspiring -looking at different flower photos is always good to get me going.

Through my work, I feel very connected to my country, Colombia, although I don’t live there. Colombian landscapes are always a vital part of my creative process and my reference images – from colorful flowers to wild animals. I also believe that as artists, we need to rest when we feel uninspired. Sometimes when I’m out of ideas I go for a walk, I listen/dance to my favorite playlist or I take a long shower – those things help me unblock new ideas.

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