"New seasons, new life"

by Laura Martín

These pieces are one of my latest ones, and I think they represent many of the things that I love and make me feel happy and comfortable.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, the southern country in the world. Almost my whole life, I was used to having a long 4/5-month summer, with a lot of sun and blue skies (and I wasn’t aware of how lucky I was). The winter was not so hard, and I almost couldn’t wear beanies because I would have to take them off once I walked one block. It is so curious what the seasons and the weather of a place can change you and your daily routine so radically! I realized that when I moved to Berlin two years ago.

Almost without noticing it, I started drawing about the seasons and tried to express how the landscapes, the daily activities, and the colors and textures of the city change through the fantastic path of seasons. Living here gave me more perspective on that and helped me to understand that everything in life has a cycle. In Berlin, the winter is hard and long, but once the summer arrives, now I enjoy it even more than before in Buenos Aires.

Talking about the visual part of my work, I have to say that I identify myself with the feeling of nostalgia, happy and simple moments, and the cozy and comfortable situations of life. I like to preach and practice the idea that inspiration can be found in places you’ve never imagined. You just have to open up your eyes and never stop doing.

After this long introduction, I would love to share some of my “summer artworks” with you. And, of course, with the addition of some of my favorite activities and tiny moments of life: sharing a nice lunch outdoors with friends, riding a bike in the sunlight, or simply going to the pastry store in the neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy them and invite you all to check my social networks to know more about me, where I also share many sources and ideas for inspiration! See you around! :)

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