"Snake Adventure"

by Lana Simanenkova

I often do small personal projects outside client work and this is the fruit of one such labour. I’ve always loved the outdoors. There’s a massive pine forest next to my parent’s house and I’ve been in the scouts too.

Whenever I think of representing adventuring it’s always about some kind of elemental danger. In my work, I always want to make it fun so there’s some danger but the characters always overcome them in a fun or funny fashion, so the audience is kind of tricked thinking something really bad might happen.

Wildlife type animation like Wild Thornberrys shows relationships with nature and animals in a very fun way and I used to watch it loads. The main character gets into these crazy dangerous situations but always end up back home ready for the next crazy adventure.

Forest and jungle type situation always reminds me of Indiana Jones movies as almost every film has him throwing a snake so I thought maybe the snake can have more personality and be a centre of that sort of encounter.

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