"Kitchen cat"

Karla Alcazar

I’m not entirely sure what inspired this piece, but I’m so glad I included a cat in it because back then I had no cat or no pet and I’m so happy that very same cat I drew then is actually present in my life now.

This illustration came about around the time where I was creating loads of personal and portfolio work, so there were no color or thematic restrictions. I just sat down and let my mind wander, which I think is a very interesting and fun exercise to practice every now and then, not only because it’s an exciting thing to do, but also because it turns out to be quite cathartic and it’s also an exercise that could guide you towards a certain topic that perhaps is worth exploring. And there’s a certain freedom to it, which sometimes could be quite a luxury in illustration!

Perhaps it’s that same freedom that I experimented when I drew this what it makes me like it a lot. There a few elements that I like, but maybe what I like the most about this piece is the sense of calm that it exudes. I also like the overall texture in this piece.

I usually work with markers and colored pencils and I think this illustration encases both media in a particularly satisfying way. Although if I had to redraw this, I probably would add more shadowing which is something I’m now learning to do a bit more efficiently.

Hopefully I’ll get to replicate the aspects I like the most of this illustration in future work!

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